How To Reach Out If You Are Feeling Depressed

Gunjan Thadani
Apr 12, 2019   •  31 views

“Depression is a cruel disease that can affect anyone. It is very easy, once the symptoms begin, for a person to slide down the black hole of depression where the symptoms spiral and feed off each other, increasing in severity.”

People who are depressed often find solitary their true friend. They never like to discuss anything or share any of their emotions. If you feel like this go out, find friends talk about anything if you don’t feel like talking about your depressions. There are few more things that can help you reach out if you are feeling depressed.

1)Let yourself know that you are not alone- You have your family friends and siblings to take care about you. Some even do not have a support system. You should always remember if not you will always be there for you and even the god.

2)Should have a Feeling of Gratitude- You should be thankful that you have been provided with a lot of good things that you should be thankful about. There are many people out there who are like lifeless masses or humans who are all dependent still they are happy and thankful for been given a life to live.

3)Play sports or involve yourself in any activity of your choice- You should play any sports you like. It will help you to feel proud about yourself each time you succeed and make you learn from your mistakes and make you feel better each time you improve yourself from the mistakes you made. It helps you to be patient.

4)Talk to people around you- You should never leave yourself alone. Find friends or people and talk about anything you feel like talking. Sharing your feeling help you to feel light-hearted and feel free and feel like you have someone to share your emotions with. If you don’t have anyone whom you trust and share your emotions with than you can maintain a diary, it can also help you in a similar way.