Madness it is!!

Hello.... HELLO... HELLO!!!

Just checking whether you are sleeping or not😴😂!! No harm,what will you do staying at home during the lockdown? Best idea is to sleep😂😂. Now everyone is writing about the lockdown. News channels and newspapers are giving out the reports of number of cases and all, social media pages are giving out their views and opinions and mainly "memes" and fake news which is even done by a few news channels and papers.

Ever heard of the saying "बेहती गंगा में हाथ धोना"? Well I am going to that now 😎. This saying means, loosely translated, "Make hay while the sun shines" or making opportunity out of the given situation.

I am going to do just that, even I am going to write an article about it.

Okay, enough of beating around the bush, let's get started.

We have all been in this lockdown for almost a month (barring the official period announcement). Let us go through what all we have done (or as I assume 😜) during the period.

Firstly, CONGRATULATIONS!! Your skills have been finally put to use, provided you already have those skills otherwise CONGRATULATIONS!! You have developed a set of new skills. Some of you might have guessed it by now 😂. Yes!! I am talking about the household chores. If you are already skilled then no problem, you have put your skills to use at the right time. All of us have been busy with office, college or school work that even though we have the skills to do the household chores, we were not able to perform them and keep our house neat and clean. Now that the house help is unable to come, we are able to take care of our house and perhaps keep it more neat than usual. Obviously, we will do so. Why will we want to again and again clean our house😂. We are intelligent people. The more we keep the house clean, the less we have to do the cleaning and sweeping work😂.

Next, CONGRATULATIONS ONCE AGAIN!! You have put another set of skills to use. I know this skill set can come under the household chores, but yes, I would like to give this skill set a separate mention.

Since we can't eat out, now everyone's cooking skills will come into picture. If you are a chef then no problem but there is problem. If you are a good chef, then beware, you might be asked to cook the entire 21 days. So try not being over efficient. Add an extra salt to your dal or extra spice to you curry 😜. You might not be asked to cook all 21 days 😜😂,only when the need arises😊. Since you cannot order food, home made food is the only option you have. So those who cannot cook, it is the best time to learn cooking, especially bachelors😂😂.

Next, have a landline at home? I know it is kind of extinct but yes, some of you might have it. Thinking why I am asking about it🤔? Now, if we have been using our phones and laptops all day, they will need charging. Now these gadgets are getting charged. What will you do? During this time, pick up your landline (this gadget won't need charging 😊), call a distant relative or friend. Once you get started, there is no looking back. If you are cribbing about how to spend time and what to do with 24*21 hours (or since I am writing this article almost at the end of the lockdown period so the remaining days * 24 😅) , this is the best opportunity to pass your time. Once you start talking, hours will be spent like minutes and you will not even have an idea about it. This is not a new thing for girls and women 😂, so men since this is almost a new thing for you, try it. No harm in trying. Plus, you will not even require your phone.

Now, since we have been talking a lot about what we have done or could do during this lockdown period, let us see what we have learnt during this period. This might be a repeated listed for some of you but no harm in reading. You need to go through this list anyways because you will not know when this list will come to an end, so keep reading😂😜.

1) All of us have learnt a new skill set in some or the other way. So a good thing.

2) We have learnt to talk or rather communicate, because after doing all the household work and doing work from home, the only thing we have left is talking to people. So a good thing again.

3) We have learnt about trust. Trust in this sense is related to our basic needs and essentials. People we don't know or vendors we don't see regularly are coming to our neighbourhood and we, out of necessity, buy from the first person who comes to our neighbourhood. But this is the time of proper analysis and understanding. We must buy our essentials from trusted people. So trust is another thing we have learnt during this time. So once again a good thing.

4) We have learnt to respect or at least I assume this. Respect the doctors who serve the positive patients. Respect to the policemen who are helping us by making us stay at home and guarding us from the dreaded virus. People who have been beaten up by the police, don't take it in the wrong sense. It is easy to say this,but to be honest they have done this for our wellness and health. So don't take it personally, just a few more days to go 😊.

5) Patience is learnt even by the most impatient person in this world. Staying at home is not easy for those who like travelling and those who go to work regularly. But this is the most important thing which everyone has learnt. This will not only help us during the lockdown period but even through our entire life. So once again and again another good thing.

6) United we fall, divided we stand. We have reversed the saying and stayed at home. Can't say anything more than this😉.

Uff!! A really long article. But I feel it is a good one to read through (I know I have written this but I am not boasting 🤗). I know I have been philosophical at one point but yeah, this is what I have felt through this period.

Have a great lockdown period, enjoy with your family, learn new skills or reestablish your old skill sets. Have a good day and a hopefully a great year. Hope I have not tired you or put you to sleep. Enjoy!!