Sounds weird!!

Even I found it weird when I came up with it.

Long time no see!!!

Hello everyone! Hope all are doing good. The world is opening again, everyone is returning to their normal life. Be careful, take precautions. Covid has reduced but is not gone. Get vaccinated to get out and explore the world again.


Now for the weird topic. I have written about people and emotions,about how you cannot predict emotions and how you should not ask a person to control their emotions.

However, recently, a new wave of emotions has come to my notice. These emotions are partially human driven but the prize goes to technology for steering these emotions.

Let me start with an example.

A person follows another person on Instagram but immediately un follows because the other person did not follow him back.

You follow celebrities. They have millions of followers. They can't follow everyone who is following them.😂😂

Another one!!!

A person posts a photo on Instagram but does not get a like from her best friend. Immediately, she messages her friend and asks her "Why didn't you like and comment on my post?" with the special addition of "😡😡". And later she will stop following her best friend.

I know these situations sound silly but it is how this generation has turned out to be. Not only on Instagram, I'm talking about other social media sites as well. WhatsApp too.

WhatsApp how?!? 🤔 You may ask.

Back in the day when landline was the most used device, people would call, if no one picked the call, people used to think that the other person might be busy and then cut the call and continue with their daily lives.No overthinking, nothing(if you have fought with them and then they don't pick the call, that's another issue😉😉).

Urgencies were there but people used to never got emotional for normal call like why did not she pick my call.

But now, people are so indulged in whatsapp and video calls, if the person doesn't reply immediately or doesnot pick the call, either there will be a trail of messages or calls.

In the end, when the person does reply, a message won't come first, a sarcastic comment would.

People have lost the understanding of human privacy and urgency of work.

A person will not sit with his phone his entire day just to reply to the messages immediately. People do have work. Maybe professional, maybe personal, but they do. But today's world has lost the understanding of it.

I'm mentioning today's world and not today's generation because the two or three generations above us have also gotten deep into technology that even they have become technically emotional.

Many posts come up, many messages come. If it is urgent, directly call the person directly. Technology has evolved but not to the extent that you lose your human touch.

Be emotional not technically emotional. Follow for follow should not drive your friendship to ruins. Missed calls should not determine how you communicate with the person when you to talk to them again.

The person is not online, it is absolutely fine. Humans were not online in 2010 still they lived.

Emotions should be affected only by humans not by technology.

I hope I have delivered what I wanted to deliver.

Stay safe!! No heroic things to be done until we are all clear from Covid.

Thank you!!! 😊😊😊