Why Communicating Your Feelings Is Important

Gayatri Menon
Jan 23, 2019   •  85 views

“Communication is the key” is something what everyone has heard a lot in their lives.
But so many people hold back in expressing what they feel and how they feel just because of fear. But once that time is gone, you cannot get it back.

Those feelings can be positive, happy, angry or any of it. Expressing them will make you feel lighter either way.

Not telling people how you feel just to avoid confrontation will ultimately make you feel stressed about the situation.

There have been times when I wish I could have said so much more to people are not in my life anymore. The only thing that was holding me back was, myself.

Even before I could think about expressing myself, I would think about the reaction I would get from the other person and just let it go.

In 2019, I have decided to be opinionated and outspoken and not worry about what others think about how I live my life or what I feel.

I think everyone has had moments where they wanted to say more but just let it go.

Think about the life you have and how quickly it’s passing. People are so busy, nobody has time to interact and everyone is running their race and facing their problems.

So time is running out and nobody should have to take time out to think about their regrets.
So instead of overthinking and regretting about they couldn’t talk openly, just do it. Consequences will be there and they will be hard, but you have to deal with it at some point or other.

People who have had issues with their parents have still not been able to open up to talk to their parents and have an open conversation because they are afraid.

I regret not spending time with my grandparent, having real conversations with them and telling them how I feel before they passed away.

I have had moments where some friends of mine had become so toxic for me that it still could not tell them how I was feeling and that made me destroy so many other relationships with good people.

In conclusion, do not hold back on telling how you feel and express yourself fully because life might not give you the chance again and regret is not the best feeling to live with.

P.S. Tell your crush how you feel (Do it at your own risk!)

Yours truly,
Someone who is scared of confrontations.