“Give me the remote” is the line that starts every fight and hell breaks loose.

I always ended up becoming my brother’s personal punching bag every time.

Hiding your things just so that your sibling does not use it and ruin it was a task.

I would get punched in the face every time I wore my brother’s clothes.

Listening to my brother sing was like hearing a dying seal every day. Nobody should go through that kind of torture.

The fight over who sits shotgun in the car always ends up getting violent but the fastest one always gets it.

The person who rides shotgun is designated to use the aux and play music. But when you and your sibling have different music tastes, it gets crazy. After yelling at us, our father used to put on boring radio music.

When your parents tell you to decide where to go for dinner and you give a look to your sibling, is something we all can relate to.

Deciding who gets the window seat was the annoying part for my parents.

Pushing your sibling out of the chair so that you could use the computer because GTA was worth getting hit by your sibling (If you didn’t play GTA while growing up, what did you do?)

I used to keep a count for the number of times my brother called me names just to report it to my father when he came home from work but my brother was always let off easy since he was the younger one.

Only the oldest kids knew the struggle of being the tester kids since the younger siblings get away with the things you would have been killed for. Justice will never be restored.

The only truce between us was when we played video games.

Whoever beats the other gets to be their master and order them around as the other one has to agree to whatever they say.

Ever asked your sibling for a glass of water to be reminded about the time you did not do some favour for them four years ago? Reminiscing about that is always fun.

I think I have the most violent equation with my brother until recently when we both grew up and things got too boring. We barely have time to talk to each other, let alone fight about things like “who will clean the room today?”

While writing this, I asked him about the things we used to fight over and the two of us just sat there talking about old times and reminiscing about those days.

We spoke so much after so long. Time flows by fast when you’re getting punched in the face every day!