Which External Factor Helps Your Brain To Work Effectively?

Nirmit Shah
Sep 01, 2019   •  1131 views

Do you often experience murmuring of yours from your favorite song?

The same song which is constantly playing in the loops.

We usually have a habit of singing rhythm of a particular song, or sometimes lyrics.

I’m going to share with you something interesting here just related to these type of things.

Let’s move further for it!

Music (Source : Freepik)

Since last November i.e. (in 2018) I’ve explored myself in a writing segment which I was really unaware about.

And, started writing a lot of poems, writeups, stories regarding whatever I was feeling urged for.

I also went into typing, that I love it too.

Now, coming to the essence of this article, which is about relaxation, soothing music in the background.

Yes! Most of the time, when I get to work either for writing or anything, I open my Youtube application and search for “Chinese meditation music”.

Are you knowing this?

Meditation Music (Source : Guided Meditation)

Basically, I love to do yoga-stretches, the reason why in the last 4-5 months I’ve got to know about this music thing. I started listening to it while during yoga. When I was listening to it in the background, the feeling that emerged within me was really unbelievable.

I seriously felt peaceful within all down the line, to that phase of an instance. It was like thinking nothing and viewing beautiful, calm forest over mountain areas. This is also true that peaceful state of mind comes from within where surroundings don’t matter.

But, here the case is really unique.

Some studies have also shown that healing music is certain types of sounds that your brain gets relaxed consuming such measures of frequencies.

Do check out this source: (How Sound Affects Your Brain?)

I can still remember one of my best music of its a genre which I’ll surely add a list in the end (including this one).

(Source : Awaken)

What has helped me after this?

As you’ve come up here, can you remember in the start I’ve told you about the murmuring of song thing?

Yep! This is what helped me here.

Most of the time, we sing a song (within), which we had heard recently a day or hour ago or whatever that we loved the most and felt the same. But, when you sing a song during your work time, then your mind may get distracted by lyrics that might take you to your own perceptive world of dream.

That is, you will probably not be conscious in the present. Whereas in the case of this type of music, it’ll never consider you that way because of the absence of lyrics.

By remembering that rythm inside your brain, it clears your mind while working that helps you focus on the stuff.

I’m not telling you to stop listening to songs yet to start listening to “meditation relaxing music” in the background of your work process of work.

Try this out at least.

Below is the list of videos which I love the most.

Once you start this habit, you’ll also appreciate it sharing to your people.

P.S. - I’m typing this document listening to that music only, haha.



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Profile of Sachin Rathor
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