Overthinking Will Kill You Before Your Angry Girlfriend Does

Gayatri Menon
Feb 06, 2019   •  86 views

Ever sent a risky text and thought about the million possible outcomes?
If yes, then welcome to real life.

You can overthink about some of the most stupid stuff to the biggest of decisions of your life. Instead of wasting your time overthinking about what to wear, you can use the time to actually get some work done.

Overthinking can cause a lot of stress and while you’re overthinking about what to eat when you’re on a diet, you could just eat that vadapav at the end of the street and kill yourself early and make the world a better place (Just kidding)

People have been known to overthink their entire lives. And the master of it all? Mothers!
Have you ever had the panic attack of seeing 10 missed calls from her and thinking your life is on the line? And for some weird reason, the first conclusion all the parents jump is to think “mera baccha marr gaya”

Being a 20 year old, overthinking for me would be as extreme as creating problems that did not exist. From where my days begin, it could be as mundane as me not getting an auto and thinking maybe the autowalas cannot see me, to not attending college parties just because I’d think none of them would want me there.

If I’ve learnt one thing, is that overthinking can be dangerous. The counter to this is really simple. Sit back and take a breath. Go back to the root of the decision and try not to think about every possible outcome of your actions. People don’t really think as much or as bad about you as you believe them to. One can even argue a lot of people literally like to mind their own business.

People do not really have the time to think about what you are wearing or where you’re headed. The one’s that do aren’t the ones you should be concerned about anyway. Your life is too short for you to think about the presumptions people form about you.

In conclusion, overthinking will not only ruin your mental peace but it will also occupy your mind and not let you live and enjoy the moment. It will create unnecessary self-doubt, low self esteem and make you feel pathetic about yourself which might cause disturbances in your life. Let the world be, you overthinking is not going to solve any problems but create more.

Yours truly,
An overthinker, overthinking about writing an article about overthinking.