You might be a lonely bug sticking on to the walls of overthinking.

 Sometimes your heart will not be satisfied by the words of a humane butterfly.

 At those hard times, books may pat your shoulders and a lot of life experiences of people who wears the same footwear we wear every day is engraved in the pages of such books.

 If you read such books  the tossing

 thoughts of your mind will flow away from the corroding pessimism. 

Your mind will become clear like the starless sky.

 Such books urge your subconscious mind to do the activity 

failed to do in the past.

My reading journey commenced with a self-help book which made me jubilant and enthusiastic for many months.

 I learnt many ideas and 
principles through these books. 

To conclude, self-help books will yield renovation of old thoughts, and new ideologies will bloom in your mind. 

If you have read a self-help book write the name of the book in the comments.

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Happy Blooming 🌺