Memes Are The Ultimate Form Of Communication

Gayatri Menon
Feb 10, 2019   •  72 views

Do you have a meme to describe every situation or emotion you feel? Then you are also a member of the meme community.

Instead of talking using text messages, memes have become the easiest way to communicate your feelings without making any effort.

Of course it is the easier option; it was invented by our generation. We are a lazy generation.

Memes help people of similar interest to come together and helps in creating a different social cycle.

It acts as the perfect ice breaker to start conversations, so people who find it difficult to make friends or talk to strangers, memes to your rescue.

Memes are considered as a form of entertainment that usually depicts some sort of comic that people enjoy.

Memes have now become a form of self expression for many who found it difficult to speak their mind.

It also helps make people aware of certain issues using humour and reaching a mass audience while doing so.

The best part about it is that it is relatable (most of them except the dark ones, hopefully)

Memes have helped erase the stigma around sensitive issues like mental health and have everyone feel like a part and give a sense of belonging.

Memes are being used as a way of marketing a product and companies also take advantage of it.

Every serious situation might have a meme to make it a lot more fun for you to be cheerful as you go through one and do not feel alone at all.

Due to the increase in demand for memes, there are courses that have been created in universities to specialise in dealing with memes that can help in researching the human behaviour patterns. There have also been professions launched for people who are excessively into memes.

Meme content ranges from complaining about hardships of life, to the happy moments to the most embarrassing situations.

From a generation where people stopped talking to each other and socialising because of constantly using their phones to finally creating a way to communicate that involves the least efforts and a quick way, talking and texting has come a long way.

Meme culture is obviously very relatable and helpful in bringing sensitive issues to light, but it can also be taken out of context and many find it extremely offensive (especially the dark memes.)

Dark memes are like food, not everyone gets it (that was a joke guys, do not get triggered)
So this trend should be definitely taken on a light note and not dragged out of context at all.