One who uses allusions, rhyming words, alliterations and all the known figures of speech in the world is a poet. One who writes something with a name called a poem and paraphrasing it, would transform that So-Called poem into a prose. He/she is also called a poet. Anything written in form of verse can be considered a poem and the same when it appears in between a play, it becomes a dramatic verse.

This is the most thoughtful aspect in literature. Anything meaningful which is brought out of the combination of words has its own genre in literature. Every writer would be unique in their own style.

There are poets who literally sit, think and analyse the subject with which they are going to write and write at a stroke. Some poets take decades to complete a seven-liner poem. A poet is a magician. “How?” will be the first arisen question in everyone’s mind. A poet is the one who can bring out your real self with his/her aesthetic abilities. An influential poet who holds the mightiest sword called “Pen” would be the happiest person in the world.

We go behind fulfilment in our sojourn on this earth. While a poet pours out whatever screams they hear from their soul. A poem as an instant invention is cherished; a long-written verse is also cherished. The quality of a poet doesn’t lie with how magnificently he has used his vocabulary. A poem is composed of words but those beautiful words are useless without a pinch of the poet’s emotion.

A poet should be connected with the readers. A poem is not about the content and is all about the personalized feeling of the poet which he/she so daringly shares to this world. A poet is at his/her best when he/she is objective. Not every poet receives the credit and the ultimate victory is when the poet influences the readers so much that those readers accept the poet as a part of their own life. There lies the strength of the poet. It is not that their words should persuade them. It is all about giving a special feeling to all the readers. When the whole world is too busy with their own works and when their aesthetic senses becomes rusted, there comes a saviour and he/she is termed a Poet.

Every poet cannot create a strong bonding with his/her readers but even then he’s called a poet not only because he has written a poem. It’s just because at least he/she has taken some steps in the process of healing this world’s wound.

In such a materialistic world as today so many billions of people are under depression, stress, mental trauma and what not? Travelling is the best remedy for everything like these, as many would suggest it. Why not try a travel within your mind and a poet, at that point would be your helping hand.

Some say “Poetry is nothing but an exaggerated lie”. It is not that this statement becomes completely true. But yes to some extent where sometimes poets lie and that adds beauty to what they write and a poet would be so just in balancing some lies with the truths. Is a poem a fiction? A poem may have fictitious elements and many say that a poem and a prose are no way different. When in verse it’s called a poem and when paraphrased it is called a prose. But a poem is a poem and a prose is a prose it has its own uniqueness.

Trust a poet, his/her poems would be a new journey but you would never need a travel guide. You are the pilot of your aircraft and your understanding becomes the destination. A poet would look at this world as a kid who has entered a candy shop. That kid would not be sad or worry for being lost in that shop. Same way the poet becomes happy when his/her readers lose their way on their journey with their words and get lost! Everyone is a poet as everyone has an aesthetic approach towards the earth and its happenings. The only thing is that one poet creates the other and that’s the universal law. Happy Penning!