Reach Out For The Thing You Once Let Go Of.

Ragini Nair
Mar 06, 2020   •  1 view

“Motivation”, it is such a powerful word. Today, I am here, typing on my laptop after such a long time. The feel and the sound of the keys as my fingers press on them making this goofy smile appear on my face, because finally, after such a prolonged break from writing, I am back with my thoughts, my room and my beloved laptop. This feeling of contentment of finally being able to write again, which I had forgotten of, has finally come back to me. The reason for that is the Motivation that I was fortunate enough to get today.

It is funny actually, I never thought I would write again. Mostly because I have always been self-criticizing, a trait that I would like to write on one day. Today however, I will not allow that to inhibit me, because I have enough motivation to focus on why I am writing this, and not on why I shouldn’t. This positive boost to my attitude came forth because I got the opportunity to know my literature professor more. Today, even after studying under him for three years, I found out that he composes poems. I always knew though, that he was proficient with the language, which is something that I have always respected him a lot for. However on this day, I got the chance to listen to him read something that he himself had written, and while I listened I realized the reason for which I have always looked up to this man. The love he has for literature is not superficial, it is an in depth feeling of adoration; for he always has a fond look when he discusses about any literature, respect; for he has always tried to deliver a class in a way that puts the language in the highest pedestal, understanding; for he reads what is written because he wants to and not because he needs to, and longing; for he needs the language to pen down his feelings and thoughts.

It was not just his poem that I was able to listen to that has me here on my laptop right now, it was how he was presenting his creation to our group, the emotions that his words were displaying, the feelings that reached the depth of my soul, and made my once caged passion finally break free from the wide variety of chains that I, myself had created. He was able to depict his feeling through stanzas, now I am here hoping that I can do the same with my sentences.

This may not seem important to another, but for me experiencing such joy and contentment of finally doing something that I love is making me realize how important your conversation with a person and your attachment towards something you love is. Because, if it weren’t for my longing to write and my conversation with my professor today, I would have never been motivated enough to do this. So, if you are reading this, I hope you remember the thing that you loved the most, and I hope that you will pick it up again.