We are together facing each other. Doing the work under the same platform. Sharing the work . Caring for each other. Getting the work , producing the results . I can see her everyday, every hour , every minute , every second. I was celebrating the spirit of being in love.

It is so special staring at someone without knowing to them , following someone without knowing to them, gazing at someone without knowing to them , trying to find someone without their notice.

You know to understand all these stupid feeling’s you have to feel them or you need to experience them. Unless until you didn’t done these you may not know the literal meaning that has hidden in the sentences. Sitting in my office alone, I used to smile, talking to nobody. Love was in the air.

My face started blushing when I see her. When I need to talk to her my heart started pumping the blood too fast. It was impossible to understand girls. We don’t know whether they are saying yes or no. Whether they are pretends tolike somethingor not. We are unable to understand whether they accept you or reject you. Sometimes I may feel that she is close to me. Sometimes it may hits she is far way from me. Sometimes it may looks like she is similar like me. Sometimes it seems that she is so different from me. You know by having all these thoughts on my mind every day passes.

Being with her I really didn’t notices the time.The time is running so fastly ,seconds are turning into minutes , minutes are turning into hours, hours are turning into days, Days are turning into weeks. The day passes I started get to know more about her. What she likes , what she dislikes , how she is? , who she is?. I know we may feel that we understood a person completely but we are not we just know about them. Ourselves we are unable to understand how can we understand someone thoroughly its not possible. But I try to live up to the mark. I took up the every opportunity that comes on my way to impress her. We began to talk about each other likes ,dislikes . What kind of food we like . What kind of movies we love to watch ? . Mostly all the casual things.



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