Love…..Perhaps the most opinionated word in the world.

When it happens to you, you tend to feel the luckiest. But even when it happens to someone close to you, you still seem to feel the essence of this feeling.

I recently watched a famous web series that had a very deep hidden question. The question was whether love brings the best in you or it engulfs you in the web to prove your worthiness.

Love comes with various versions in itself. For some, it’s a passing fancy, for some it makes their life more meaningful, and for some its once in a lifetime feeling.

Whatever it may be but at times why is it so necessary in today’s world to prove your love?

Let me give you a scenario based on the web series, a guy loves a girl and they get married. Unfortunately, his wife dies in an accident while he was driving. The guilt of him not able to save his wife just surrounds his thoughts forever and he seems to be in a never-ending guilt trip. But in reality, he could have never done anything to save his wife at that moment.

He gets into a new relationship after many years with a girl he met at work. As it goes, he tends to overdo things to make her happy and shower her with love. The love turns out to be suffocating for the girl owing to the mere perfection and extra over impressive things that he does for her and his over caring attitude.

This is where we take a pause, what amount of love is the perfect amount for the recipe of life?

I feel that everything should be in the adequate measure in life to make it more acceptable and realistic. Often we tend to overdo things just to make sure that our partner feels comfortable and understands our feelings. But at times that itself makes them feel as if they are in a dream world designed by that overloving person.

It’s good to love someone deeply from the bottom of your heart but also that should be with space and freedom that they need. As too much perfection in life often leads to the desire to break free to see those missing imperfections in life.

So, just keep it simple and let love decide your fate. As a saying goes that if it’s not meant to be then it eventually won’t work out however hard you try.

“A broken relationship is better than a forced one” - Source that Web Series.

So keep loving your dear ones but remember to understand and respect their feelings as much as you value yours.