Hostel life is like a thrilling ride in which we experience joy and fear at the same time.

"Four in a room, many things which has to be shared, compromising facilities, and no television, this is what a hostel life is about. But after such inconveniences also, it is that part of life which can’t be forgotten…"

There are lots of thoughts in the head and vibes in the body when you first enter your hostel, like who will be my roommate? How my room would be? Who will be my warden, will she be cooperative or not? How will I manage with hostel food? etc.

With the mixture of all these feelings when we start the hostel ride, things automatically become easy and on a very fast pace, we understand the fact that "at this place, only I’m the supporter and caretaker of myself". Hostel is the place which makes you a strong person and prepares you to face this giant world.

You come to know about various identities at one place, where sometimes you get true bonds at other times you are confronted with bitter truths of human nature. Those boring meals become interesting when we sit together in the mess hall. Doing each and every work with keeping in mind the aim of reaching college on time is a big task and when we reach the milestones, at that time that feeling is not less than of being a soldier!

After the whole tiring day when we come back to our room, it feels like we can’t even stand for a minute but a bolt from the blue, if somebody starts a random topic, god knows how everybody got so much energy that we continue talking and laughing for hours. Those 24*7 announcements, those funny taunts of warden, everything is amazing.

Our mindset becomes broad and we learn most of the techniques of life which I think everyone should know, like:

  • You should help others but keeping yourself on the safe side too.

  • Your priority in life should be your career, as nobody cares when there is a question of future.

  • Trust is necessary but blind trust is harmful.

  • You are responsible for your money, material, and health.

  • Here you get to know, how to give respect while maintaining yours too.

"So, now it is appropriate to say that hostel is no less than a ride"



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Thank you so much 💖💖💖💖
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Nice one