The Sleepless Night Of Thought .....

Tanya Yadav
Nov 15, 2019   •  14 views

The Sleepless Night


Standing at the edge of the balcony of the hostel , staring at the road which takes me to my home. In the brightness of the light in this world somewhere lost in the dark. Looking at that loophole which attracts me more . Is it the fear or the excitement ? confused in its own. The sleepless night of thought . The tears which are fallen apart or the red eye in that thought.

Thinking to sleep makes me awake for the night. Nothing to think makes me think more of that just the sleepless night of thought . In the epitome of moon do i awake . yes, no or may be not. Getting into the bed under the blanket , closed eyes , something is their which is undone , shall i complete of or just let it be.

4 am of the morning knows all my thoughts and secrets. Looking for the some of the questions to be answered but sometimes it makes me feel that it’s better to be unknown  to the answer of those questions in the sleepless night of thought……….