In this world everyone says trust me, trust me but how can somebody trust someone very quickly in this freak in a world full of fake people. People come again and again and break your trust on every turn of your life. Somebody trusts people very easily and some people doesn’t trust people easily. This world works on the basis of give and take, this is the very true nature of this world. you can not change people in this world but what you can do is trust yourself.

People want to take lead in everything and for that they choose different ways to prove themselves in the society, these ways of working can be anything, anything that can hurt somebody, can break somebodies trust. This eventually leads to the major problem of trust issues, people started to doubt everyone around them, for them it is hard to trust anyone. But always have this thing in mind that everybody is not like that, some people do sacrifices for others, for their betterment.

You know the main thing is if you don’t want to break your trust don’t expect anything from anyone. If you expected something from others and it can’t be completed, it leads to disappointment. So, stop expecting anything from anybody because if you have expectations it not only hurts your feelings but makes you to hate others too. You know people everywhere in this world are here to sell their things by any means, these bazar people just want their profit by any mean.

If you want to trust somebody, trust your parents, trust those who can do anything for you, trust your brother and sisters because they never want to hurt you because they cannot see you hurt. They understand you better. That is why you should always trust your parents.

Instead of being selfish, be the person people can trust. Everybody in the world is not fake, though it feels like they are. But some people are as real as you are. You know again, this world work as the “survival of the fittest”, every human being has the policy of survival. All most everyone works for their own good. It is important to do things for yourself but don’t hurt others for your own good. Trust yourself that you cannot ever do anything selfish that can hurt others or break their trust. We can together make thus world trustable again by putting efforts by build trust in people, by not doing any fake thing and by not hurting anybody.