Obituary Of The Toms - By Friendly Neighbourhood Cucumbers

Tanvi Agarwal
Mar 23, 2020   •  0 views

“Oh! These tomatoes look so old, so frail, they are stale. How ugly they are. Please throw them away!" shouted the other two characters of Room no. 224. In the conversation going on nobody noticed the feelings, the pain of these little corpses. Standing far away were the three cucumbers, mourning the loss. They were repenting and crying over these carcasses of their best friends who died of old age.

One of the friends wrote the death note for the Toms'.

Adam toms, Alma toms, Casey toms, Devin toms, 10 days, died 9th october 2019 at their home in room no. 224 of Girls hostel 2 of old age.  Their funeral service will be held this thursday in the dustbin outside the room.

Mr. Toms was born on a date unknown to the roommates but was made a part of their room on 22nd September. He and some more of his friends were freshly chosen from hatful of their fellow mates. Some of them went in the stomach of the constituents of this room and the left ones died of old age. They were spending their life very happily in a healthy and a cool ambiance of the room getting air conditioned oxygen, but as rightly said one day everyone has to die, so did happen with these 4 lovely tomatoes. The three cucumbers paid tribute to them "Toms were very bubbly and juicy mates, we enjoyed their company in this huge building. They were as fresh and red but their time came near and they had to leave us. They will be sorely missed."