Does Indian Society Actually Respect Women?

Rhea Bhatia
Aug 05, 2019   •  3 views

The whole country speaks of Feminism pretty often these days, but the question that still remains is whether this concern is the true feeling of people or just a hoax. There are many instances where it is much proved that the Indian females are now taking a stand and being backed by the males of the country to succeed in each field of life. Though this thought is much crushed by the situations that arise in the daily lives of these women, the situations where they are undermined and suppressed to an extent that they cannot rise anymore.

If you are a girl in India working harder than each and every member of your team and it just never seems enough to prove to the world that you deserve success, don’t blame yourself. Whenever it is the time to expand the horizon of responsibilities, the first thought of the employer is ‘This work cannot be given to a girl, it requires working till late hours’ and even if you are lucky enough to have an employer who doesn’t consider this and gives you a chance, your family is always concerned and you are suppressed once again. Be rebellious and overcome these two problems and the biggest one is waiting for you- society. Majorly two kinds of people in the society are just about prepared to counteract on your decision to take a lead. Firstly there are the uncles and aunties who explain to you and your family how unsafe it is for a girl to work late and the other kind is the people who make it unsafe for you and leave you with nothing but fear. Fear to be free, fear to make your name, fear to be independent in your own country.

Though many females of the country are oblivious to the fact that this process of undermining them begins at a very early age. Families consider them married and gone years before that actually happens, schools and colleges set a hostel time for them where there is none for the boys and the societies cannot give them responsibilities as a team cannot be managed from the room.

Unfortunately, the issue lies in the thinking, the mindset and the nature of the people who make up the society and it is almost an impossible task to change it overnight. Everyone tries to make rules to protect the women but each female hopes that someday, maybe someday all these rules won’t be needed as the world becomes a safer place once the society starts respecting the gender on their own.