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The world has witnessed the evolution of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The beautiful world unfurled itself over a span of 10 years and grew with an incredibly large fanbase and is finally coming to an end. But nevertheless this, the most talked about, sought after series in the world that has one of the biggest numbers of fan theories made, has had some serious behind the screen stories and facts that you probably might not know.

Here's a few:

1.Hulk series

As many of you would know The Incredible Hulk was a TV series back in1978 starring Bill Bixby as Banner.

The show was quite a watch back then, and then Edward Norton was featured as Dr. Banner in 2008 in a movie with the same title. But, what many of you might’ve missed out is that Bill Bixby played a cameo role in the movie “The Incredible Hulk” as a security officer.

2.The S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier

How can we ever forget the very professional and amazing set up of the Helicarrier for Strategic Homeland Intervention, Enforcement and Logistics Division. But what many of you might’ve missed out was the structure of the office floor shown in the last scene of The Avengers (2012).

Rings any bell? No. Let me tell you. Notice carefully, the floor of the Helicarrier is designed in the same exact way as the symbol of S.H.I.E.L.D.

You see… Bet you didn’t think that detailing could be so damn precise.

3.The casting of Iron Man

Well, it’s no brainer that Iron Man, a.k.a. Tony Stark, has one of the biggest fan bases in the MCU and Robert Downey Jr. is one of the biggest legends the industry has seen. But rewind 11 years and it was not the same. Downey Jr. had some serious struggles when he gave his auditions for this role. The directors and producers were not willing to take him up as a part of the movie for the sake of its reputation, because Downey had a questionable image for a number of arrests he faced for substance abuse in the late 1990s and had done no movies since.

But finally, he was considered for the role, with a payment of just 500 thousand dollars which was not even a tenth of the Marvel franchise from that movie. But as days passed, his demand grew and history was created.

4.The Avengers, instead of Daredevil

People had been very fondly waiting for the individual heroes to come together into one single movie and blend in properly. Well, if seen the original comic book by Stan Lee, there was another character called Daredevil.

But to make a whole new movie on another character and build up his separate historical individual background was quite taxing financially as well as on the decided timeline.

So, Stan Lee stepped in to take a decision to move on to The Avengers movie with the number of characters they had. The movie was released with six characters as the team, and the world has been happy ever since.

5.The Wasp and The Captain swapping?

Hope Pym, also known as The Wasp, did not get much identification in the MCU until 2018 in the movie Ant Man and The Wasp. The yellow body suited woman was a big part of the MCU. But what you would be shocked to know is that in the original comics, The Wasp was one of the founding members of the Avengers.

Moreover, in the comics Captain America was never meant to be the part of the Avengers founding team. In fact he did not show up till the fourth issue of the Avengers when Hulk decided to leave the team and Avengers needed a replacement.

Well, some major swapping happened there.

6.The Spider-man Cast change

Spider-man was one of the earliest launched movies from the Marvel collection. The friendly neighborhood spiderman was supposed to be a low-profile teenager, who was an often prey of the bullies and had a great wish for some good works.

So keeping this in mind, all the members were made high school students who were brilliant and kinda meek.

The series was The Spider-man series(2002-2007) by Sam Raimi and then The Amazing Spider-man series (2012-2014) by Marc Webb, featuring Toby Mcguire and Andrew Garfield respectively in the lead role.

But as it turned out that they were not thought to the perfect match for the roles, because they did look aged and lacked the charisma of a teenager. Toby was in his late twenties when he started the movies, and Andrew Garfield was a year or two older than him when he started off in the role.

So, finally, after a lot of searches done, they found Tom Holland who perfectly fit into the character of the high-school student Peter Parker. He could give his input for the right amount of humor, passion, quirkiness, and curiosity. Thus, the casting finally got changed to Tom Hollandas our new crush from Queens.

7.Who is Laila Barton?

Avengers: End Game started off with a really heartbreaking scene where Clint Barton’s complete family turns into ashes when villainous Thanos snaps his fingers.

It was heartbreaking even more because Clint was on a family picnic where his wife was serving the food and his boys were playing. He was teaching archery to her daughter who has grown up. There was a little moment of father-daughter emotion when they made a small joke on their mom’s choice of sauce and they high-fived.

But what you would be astonished to know that the girl who played the role was nonother than Ava Russo, the daughter of the End Game director, Joe Russo.

8.I Love You 3000

As the beautiful masterpiece has come to an end, with its blockbuster hit Avengers: End Game, we are all kept hungover on the cutest and purest confession of love done by Tony Stark’s daughter, Morgan, to her dad: I Love You 3000.

Morgan said it was the highest amount of love for her. It’s like a score. But what it the thing with 3000 in particular? Why only 3000?

Well, if seen from the first ever movie, ie. the Iron Man (2008) to Avengers: End Game, the sum of all the movie durations is 2871 minutes. And Spider-man: Far From Home, which is the end of the MCU phase, is about 129 minutes, so the total run time of the Marvel Cinematic Universe is 3000 minutes.

No doubt right, that we love them 3000.

Well, that was it.
Thank you, and have a nice day.








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