Spiderman:Into The Spider Verse

Aug 18, 2019   •  23 views

Most animated movies are done dirty by the audience because of them being animated but let me tell you animated movies are of the finest movies ever. It is a shame that this spiderman movie being literaly the most perfect SpiderMan movie ever was wasted by all lot of people because "animation is for kids". Spider-Man: into The Spider Verse is a masterpiece. the movie also won an oscar for best animated feature. This movie has done the most justice to our favourite super hero - Spider-Man.

spiderman into the spider verse is surrounding miles morales(another version of spider man).The movie is about how he becomes spiderman and deals with 'the end of the world scenario with the help of superheroes from other dimensions.We Love Peter Parker and his reliability to the reader or viewer but now after many years after Watching Spiderman into the Spiderverse I can say Miles Morales is the best and more so the Most Down to earth and relatable Hero ever. Miles is almost the same as peter but has to deal with almost the same problems as peter but the main focus here is the banter between Miles and his dad.

The Film as shows Diffenent versions of Spidermen from different universes all with great character development.The most Flushed out was a 40 year old Jadded Peter parker which is a version which u may never imagine spiderman to be.This Move is loaded with Surprises and amazing character reveals.The Villan Kingpin was Menacing and dreaded and had clear motivations for the evil things he was doing.Another villan the prowler was scary ever time he was on screen. This movie is a comic book come to life with its different and unique look.

The visuals and the musical scores in the movie were great,and the usage and timing of the music also really matters a lot. For example during the Leap of Faith scene,the music fit perfectly with the scene,and had a huge emotional impact.One of the first things that hit me was the soundtrack.It is amazing how the soundtrack blends with the scene and how it also represents miles hip hop style.

And the visuals their, goal with the animation was: to make a comic book come to life, and it is AWESOME. I loved how there would be words following the sound effects like BOOM, PAW or SNAP; that was awesome. Lets talk performances. Shameik Moore gave the performance of his career as Miles Morales; he was extremely funny and likeable, and his voice was so fitting for a character like Miles. Jake Johnson as Peter Parker was equally as fantastic; he was extremely funny and charismatic, and he gave a new approach to the iconic character, which i thought was great. Everyone else (hailee steinfeld, mahershala ali, nicholas cage, etc) did a fantastic job in their roles. The action was very well-done; it was fast-paced, satisfying to watch and waS just GREAT fun.

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse is a movie that pokes fun at the franchise while paying it homage. The movie is great for first-time watchers and lifelong fans.



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