• Introduction:-

  • Tony Stark's powers all came from his genius-level intelligence. He built the first Iron Man suit while held captive by a terrorist group in a cave in Afghanistan. Over the following years, he constantly rebuilt and improved his Iron Man technology, eventually harnessing nanotech to create an extremely durable suit with powerful weapon.

  • Iron Man was the only Avenger able to injure Thanos in "Infinity War," and he did it when Thanos had already collected four Infinity Stones. He was also the only person Thanos knew by name, as evidence of Iron Man's fearsome reputation.

  • "Endgame" solidified and built upon that reputation. Iron Man was able to outsmart Thanos in the most important possible moment and briefly wield the power of all six Infinity Stones, which previously seemed as if it should be impossible for a regular human body to withstand.

Why is he called the best:-

  • There are a lot of heroes in the Marvel Pantheon, with a variety of superpowers.Some, like the Hulk and Thor, have strength so great they can demolish large vehicles with their bare hands.Not to mention that cool hammer of Thor’s. Others, like Spiderman, while not quite as strong, are still physically gifted to an extreme.

  • All of the mutants in the Marvel Pantheon were born with their abilities.The X-men, Wolverine, the evil mutants all came by their powers because of a genetic aberration.Some, like Wolverine, may have acquired other abilities like the adamantium skeleton, but the base powers were theirs by right of birth.

  • Thor, Hercules and the other immortal heroes were also born with their abilities as members of other species. So was the Submariner. The Fantastic Four, the Hulk, and Spiderman acquired their abilities due to circumstances beyond their control, i.e. accidents.Bruce Banner was exposed to gamma radiation that released the beast within, while Reed Richards and company caught their abilities from cosmic rays, and Peter Parker was bitten by the famous radioactive spider (updated to genetically engineered super spider). There are some Marvel heroes that developed their abilities through science and training, such as Captain America, Hawkeye, Giantman and Wasp.Giantman is a very powerful character, but kind of a peripheral one. Cap is very good at what he does with his limited abilities, while Hawkeye is merely a superbly trained archer. Which brings us to a very powerful Marvel character that developed his own abilities, namely the star of this essay, Tony Stark.

  • Tony Stark is an interesting character in his own right, even without his armored suit.A genius billionaire playboy, he would seem to have no reason to put his life on the line to become a superhero.Stark not only had no powers, accidental or born, he developed his super suit because he wanted to be able to right the wrongs he saw around him, some that were the result of the business as usual attitude of his own company.

  • So Tony Stark used his genius to develop a super suit, powered armor if you will, that made him the equal of most of the other superheroes, and superior too many. And the suit gives him some advantages that can’t be matched by some of the other powerful Marvel characters.It is constantly being upgraded, making its wearer more and more powerful. And it can be configured for different roles that Iron Man might find himself in. The other heroes are kind of caught in the limits of whatever abilities they have, even if they are massively powerful, such as the Hulk and Thor.

  • But the greatest attribute of Tony Stark the man, and not just the Iron Man, is that he loves what he does.This has become even more apparent from the movies. Iron Man likes to play to loud music, to wise crack, while putting his life on the line.The only traditional Marvel hero who waxes comedic as much is Spiderman. But even Spiderman can’t override the music systems of nearby aircraft to have them play AC/DC while he battles.Iron Man rocks the world while he battles, and his appreciative audience cheers. Some of the other heroes, like Captain America, may doubt Tony Stark’s resolve, but not the audience, who watch a man who has everything put it on the line for the rest of us.

  • Attributes: Genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist. For years, Tony Stark, better known as Iron Man, has fought alongside the Avengers to protect the people of Earth on the big screen. There has been much debate concerning who is the best Avenger, but I'm here to end that conversation once and for all. Here's five reasons why Iron Man is the greatest Avenger:

He is relatable

  • Tony Stark might be a superhero and billionaire, but he still experiences the same problems we do. "Iron Man 3" reveals a more human side of Tony, depicting his struggles with mental health, including panic attacks and post-traumatic stress. Showing Tony dealing with these real, human issues helps to make him a relatable a more relatable character, despite being a man who flies around in a suit of armor and saves the world on the daily.

He is a genius

  • There's no argument that Tony Stark is one of the smartest beings in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. He built his first Iron Man suit in a cave from a box of scraps while under extreme stress, became an expert in thermonuclear astrophysics overnight, and created a new element. If you need any more convincing, remember that he was the one to figure out Loki's plan in "The Avengers", which allowed them to stop the attack on New York.

He is hilarious.

  • Many characters within the MCU may find Tony's constant quips irritating, but the audience can't get enough of his witty remarks and dry sense of humor. He always seems to know exactly what to say to make us laugh, and we can always count on his sarcasm to lighten the mood in dire situations.

He has some serious character growth

  • When we are first introduced to Tony, he is an egocentric, arrogant, and apathetic playboy. However, after he is kidnapped in the first Iron Man film and witnesses first hand the destruction that his inventions cause, he begins to reevaluate his life and seeks to use his skills with inventing to help others. Across the numerous films that he has appeared in, Tony continues to grow from his experiences, such as becoming more of a team player whilst fighting alongside the rest of the Avengers.

He rises to any challenge

  • No matter what threat he faces, Tony always seems to be prepared with a new suit and a witty comment to take down whatever means to harm the Earth. He'll do whatever it takes— even if it means putting his life on the line— for the greater good. Even if he fails at first, he will always come back stronger. There is nothing that can truly defeat Iron Man.

  • Iron Man may not be the most powerful Avenger, but his relatability, intelligence, sense of humor, and ability to adapt and grow make him a fan favorite and set him apart from the rest. Before he is a hero, he is a human being, helping viewers to connect to him on a personal level. And, of course, he's the one that started it al