Far From Home : End To Phase 3 Of Marvel Cinematic Universe

Bhavya Gupta
Jul 20, 2019   •  14 views

Spider-Man: Far From Home serves as a brilliant epilogue to Avengers: Endgame and the third phase of Marvel Cinematic Universe. It is the 23rd film in the MCU but still feels fresh and doesn't suffer from superhero fatigue. It might be the best web-slinger movie to date, better than the much acclaimed Spider-Man 2.

The movie starts six months after the events of Endgame. People have started living their lives normally after the blip happened. The blip is the moment when Hulk snapped the fingers and brought half of the universe back to life. Peter Parker is back to school and now has developed a crush towards MJ. They are going on a vacation with the class, but there is no rest for Spider-Man. There are supposedly creatures from another universe, and he has to stop them with the help of Mysterio. How he deals with his personal and superhero life is the major part of the movie.

The casting, like any Marvel movie, is fantastic. Tom Holland is playing the role for the fifth time in just four years. Many people are considering him as the best spider man ever. The great thing about him is that he genuinely feels like a high schooler. That was not the case with both Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield. His boyish charms helps the movie. MJ, played by the ever-cool Zendaya was the fan favourite after Spider-Man: Homecoming. This time she is one of the essential characters. Her chemistry with Tom is fantastic. Also, she gets the best dialogues. Jacob, Peter's best friend, is funny as always.

Homecoming had one of the Marvel best villain to date. Vulture, played by Micheal Keaton, was given his own backstory. Keaton also gave a chilling performance. Far From Home is unable to match that level but has its moments in that department. Jake Gyllenhall is an excellent addition to the cast. It's challenging to find a movie in which he disappoints. Samuel Jackson and Cobie Smulders have limited screen time.

The movie still feels the after-effects of Endgame. Tony's death continues to haunt Parker, and its effects are felt throughout. However, there is one sentence which is brilliant and might tell us the future of MCU. When Happy sees Peter struggling to live up to the expectations of Tony, he says that "no one could live up to him. Even Tony couldn't live up to Tony. He second-guessed everything, but one thing he didn't second guess is you." This dialogue seems to indicate that Peter might be the centre point of MCU going forward.

The mid and post-credits scenes are one of the best. Both are jaw-dropping, and the fans didn't see that coming. They provide a variety of opportunities to the universe going forward. It's crazy that even after 23 movies in around 11 years we can't have enough of superheroes.