Few days back,an incident happened with me which is responsible for this write up. I just stumbled over a glass of milk as I was busy chatting with my mates. And then came the scolding part from my mom and I was left with no option but to listen to it and then apologize. After a couple of minutes,I started blaming myself thinking that I could have shut my phone down while walking. It could have saved me and the glass of milk.But literally, what is the fun of crying over spilt milk.There's no use of being upset about the mistakes already committed. What happened, happened. Nothing could undo it.

Same is the case with our lives. What's done is done. Regretting doesn't help us at all. The one and I reckon only good side of regretting is that it teaches us a lesson for life. And prevents us from committing the same blunder again.Is thinking about the past a good step?Of course we need to admit our mistakes and learn from them andtry not to repeat them. But holding yourself at fault everytime and blaming yourself every damn time is wrong. We can't undo things. That's something impossible. Time can't be brought back and it passes to become past. Regretting gets us nowhere. It often leads to psychological disorders like depression and anxiety. People even end up there life with the guilt of having committed some mistake. Then comes the other part, people! Those who keep pin pointing you for your mistakes, who act as a reminder of your mistakes. And if one expresses redemption in front of the world, then the situation worsens. Nobody needs to be accountable to anyone except for your ownself. People talk. It is their job. If not they, then who.

And regretting highly affects our present. For instance, a student got poor marks in his exams becausehe didn't study well. And now he keeps regretting but will this get me good grades? No, not at all. In fact it will affect his present percentage.So, it mars our present too. Instead of giving yesterday a thought, live your present like it is the only day you get to live. Work harder to make it beautiful. What's gone is gone. We must try to find happiness in every creation of the creator. Stop counting the faults of the former years, stop brimming your eyes with tears. Stop wishing the mistakes weren't made and stop crying over the same old fate.That's the key to happiness and somehow to success too.

Some famous writers too talked about regrets. Elena Kangan says that, "I have no regrets. I don't believe in looking back. What I am proudest of? Working really hard... and achieving as much as I could."

Henry Kissinger remarks that " Accept everything about yourself. You are you and that's the beginning and the end. No apologies, no regrets". Maeve Benchy said, "Happiness is in our own hearts. I have no regrets of anything in the past. I'm totally cheerful and happy, and I think that a lot of your attitude is not in the circumstances you find yourself in, but in the circumstances you make for yourself."

Henry David remarks that to regret is to live afresh. So stop looking at the past and enjoy what you have got right now.



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