A mere drop in an ocean. Railway stations in Mumbai pretty much make you feel that way. Just one soul among thousand others, all flocked at the same place. Even in extreme downpour, or under scorching heat, the metro doesn't sleep. People keep moving, nobody stops to catch a breath. You know it's a busy city when travelling a couple kilometres takes half an hour. So it's better to walk, ain't it? But then you have to cross roads in the deadliest of scenarios or sometimes even find path wherethere are no footpaths.

Mumbai city is a beautiful mess. It has a place for everybody.
Electricity runs through its veins. It is lit up 24 hours. When one guy sleeps another one's job starts. Everything is perpetual. It is quite a task being a functional citizen in this city regardless of your financial conditions. Even the richest of riches can't sleep soundly at night worrying about income tax agents ringing their doorbell. The poor can't earn enough to provide for their children. The rich and the poor both have their problems. Socio-economic differences are staggering as skyscrapers are erected among slums surrounding it. Where there is money, there is crime. This city has seen it's fair share of criminal activities. Gold chains get snatched right besides a police officer who is busy taking bribes from a shopkeeper. There are good cops as well, it’s a mix.

Corruption is embedded in the roots of the municipal system which constantly plagues effective measures taken, with delays and scams.

City of dreams - indeed it can be knows as that. Employment opportunities are galore and the city teems with all kinds of resources. With profilic companies and factories, it has jobs for everyone. As the sun lowers, the city brighten up. It's true essence can be felt while looking at this city from inside of a plane during night time. Dazzling with yellow and white light, the traffic is now more than ever as people are coming back from a hard day at work.

Auto-rickshaws and taxis are the transport veins branching all across the city. These black and yellow locomotives make up 50% of the road traffic.

Mumbai is the home of Bollywood's big celebrities. Fans often gather in front of their bungalows in large numbers just to get a peek of their favorite stars. Cinema theatres are present almost every two kilometres greeting a variety of audiences.

Apart from all this the underlying reason that Mumbai is the industrial and cultural hub it is, is the fact that people from not only all across India but also all around the globe, come and reside here. The cultural diversity is major and hence it is often referred as Mini India.