The Indian Cuisine Is Incomplete With These 10 Best Street Food In Mumbai

Alefiya Baramatiwala
Sep 18, 2019   •  103 views

Mumbai, the city of dream and desire where people come to achieve money, fame, love and so much more. And all who comes to Mumbai gets a taste of Mumbai street food.

The street food offered by this city of cultural diversity is special and unique. Not one but the Mumbai street food is influenced by Muslim, South Indian, Gujarati, and Maharashtra culture. It is amazing to find that no tourist who visits here miss the delicious street food of Mumbai.

For a delightful and delicious experience and a true food lover visiting the tantalizing Gali's of Mumbai is the best way to treat our self. The aromas and the textures are so tempting even if you are trying to avoid eating too much, you simply can't! Yes, it is so amazing.

Among all, the following 10 are the most popular street foods in Mumbai:

1. Vada Pav

This dish is a native dish of Maharashtra and it is fast food that is liked by everyone. It has a spicy potato dumpling in the middle of a bread bun and served with green or red chutney. Firstly, it did not have much variety but today it is available in different food stalls and restaurants.

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Vada Pav- Source: Cooktube

2. bhel puri and sev puri

A mixture of potato, spices, sev, onions, chutney, chat masala and flatten puris together make a bhel puri and sev puri which is a really good evening snacks for Mumbians going back from office to their home. People like it so much that they are also kept as an appetizer in their parties and other functions.

3. Batata vada

Ummm! The small and round batata vada made from gram flour, potato, and spicy masalas that make your taste buds get a fun of street food. The batata vada, when dipped in green chutney, gets much more delicious and an evening snacks when you are too hungry to resist.

4. Bombay sandwich

A sandwich made up of vegetables and green chutney and the one which is much popular in Mumbai is Bombay sandwich. These are available at Mumbai streets mainly at tea shops where a cup of masala tea with this sandwich gives a perfect quick breakfast to the people running late to their office.

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Bombay Sabdwich- Source: Swasthi’s Recipe

5. Akuri on toast

Akuri, it is a spicy scrambled egg recipe which includes fried onions, chopped chilies, ginger, coriander, and black paper in it. Traditionally people in Mumbai eat it with bread or toast.

6. Kanda poha

A blend of flaked rice (Poha), onions, green chillies, and potatoes is what kanda poha is made off. It is an easy to prepare snack and people in Mumbai are fond to eat poha at the time of breakfast or as an evening snack.

7. Frankie

This is a roll which has a stuffing in it and it is quite popular among the Mumbai Streets. There are also vegetarian and non-vegetarian options for the Frankie and it costs according to its filling inside.

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Frankie-Source: IndiaMART

8. Kheema pav

It is said that if you have not eaten kheema pav in Mumbai then you have eaten nothing there. it is the signature recipie of Parsi's and a favorable snack for either breakfast or lunch and even dinner. If you don't stay in Mumbai and ever get to visit it then surely try them for a delicious experience of Mumbai street food.

9. Pani puri

Known differently at different cities, this street food in Mumbai is known as Pani Puri. It is the most fof every people and a best chaat item. You can enjoy it anywhere and at anytime for a break from all our stress and get relaxed with this piquant and tasty snack. It is served with souces like sweet or pungent and you can try any of it which one you like the most.

10. Kebab

Nothing is such in demand in the Mumbai streets then the kebabs. It is a luscious and appetizing feast to the non-vegetarian folks and it almost available at different restaurants as well because of its popularity. Kebabs are made up of kheema and can be eaten with chutney and even bread

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.Kebabs- Source : Serious Eats

11. Pav bhaji

It was in Maharashtra where Pav Bhaji was originated and then it gets popular in many cities and so as in Mumbai. It is plated with a Pav that is bread and for a more mouth-watering taste, the pav is smeared with ghee or butter. Also, chopped onions and a dollop of butter and a half piece of lemon are garnishes on top of each serving.

12. Zunka bhakar

Zhunka bakar is a dish made up of chopped onions, mustard seeds, leaves of kadi patta and the most common chick pea flour. Bhakar is the name of the roti made of bajra and tastes awesome when eaten with Zunka.

13. Ragda pattice

This dish found on the streets of Mumbai is a unique item which is a combination of white peas gravy and an aloo Tikki. Some sort of chutneys and coriander are also used to give it a spicy and

finger-licking taste.

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Ragda Pattice- Source: Sanjeev Kapoor

14. Baida roti

Baida roti is a non-vegetarian dish which is in the form of a spicy square-shaped patty. Meat that is of chicken or mutton is whipped with eggs and onions and people like to eat it in breakfast and get their hungry stomach filled with satisfaction.

15. Dabeli

This dish can also be said as the twin of vada pav. The people who like to eat chaat will surely like this potato, peanut, and spices stuffed dabeli. This dish got its reference from Gujarat and it has an exclusive taste when other chutneys and pomegranate is added to it.

The streets of Mumbai can satisfy all sorts of hunger starting for breakfast, lunch, dinner to the evening snacks and more. So for which dish you are craving for?