Style Tips From Mumbai Shopping Street

Sakshi Prasad
Oct 14, 2019   •  29 views

In every major city in India, we have got some fashionistas, who keep up with the latest trends, shop in the designer stores, carry the whole attire from top to bottom accordingly and look their stylish best at all social media.

But here the question is, which city do you consider to be the fashion capital of India - Delhi or Mumbai? And why? And How different is the fashion of Mumbai from Delhi?

Fashion Tale of two cities - Delhi and Mumbai

Mumbai and Delhi, these two cities have always had a friendly competition going for being the fashion capital of India. When it comes to fashion, whether residents showcasing their wide-ranging styles or introducing the big brands. They constantly try to get up one-up in some form or the other. These two cities have played the catch-up game to get the crown of the fashion capital of India.

But in my point of view, Cities doesn’t give the license to be the Fashion capital. It’s we, fashion followers makes the cities fashion capital, not only capital but rich, trendy and famous. So let me make you aware of some of the fashion bloggers particularly from Delhi and Mumbai to make you learn how different is the fashion of Delhi from Mumbai.

How Mumbai is different from Delhi Fashion?

Mumbai fashion sense is all about the relaxed and casual dress up whereas Delhi is all about to take an effort to dress up. From top to bottom, everything to be just properly dressed-up.

Even in the malls, one can check the best of casual fashion such as casual t-shirts with jeans, shoes, jeans with loose tees. Whereas in Delhi one can find everything is dressed up. Delhi fashion is all about to give efforts.

Shopping Street in Mumbai

Who doesn’t love to get stuff at the cheapest price? Everybody does. In Mumbai, you can find so many places like this where you can reasonably find stuff. There are many shopping streets in Mumbai, where you can bargain and get the stuff at the best price.

About the famous fashion bloggers in Mumbai

Masoom Minawala from Mumbai, India


Masoom Minawala, known as Miss Style Fiesta has established herself well in the industry. About Minawala, she is an Indian lifestyle fashion blogger from Mumbai, digital influencer and founder of Miss Style Fiesta. She is across various social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and many more. She is considered to be one of the leading lifestyle influencers in the world with over 1 million collective social media followers.

One scroll down through her Instagram will leave the fashion followers awestruck. For the fashion admirers her every outfit will be a source of inspiration. Let’s have a look-

Two monochromes look adorable!


She aims to carry unique, flattering and feminine designs. Being from Mumbai, she loves to be the fashion-forward girl. In her opinion, clothes are a form of self-expression and are a way to show the world who you are.

Being Mumbaiites, she is comfortable in wearing what she feels like and dare to be different and have the feeling ‘nothing that can stop me from being me’, whatever she carries.

Follow her to stay updated with the latest fashion trends.

After all the research and taking lessons from some of the designers, we come across the following outcomes.

Rajvee Gandhi


Rajvee Gandhi is a style blogger from Mumbai. She is also famous on Tiktok. She speaks about fashion by dressing herself differently and fashionably. She tries different outfits and presents that one outfit in a different way.

She is a fashionista.

Nature of city

"Mumbai is relaxed and casual For example, Visit the Palladium Mall in Mumbai and one will see the best of casual fashion with jeans, comfortable t-shirts and flip-flops everywhere.

About famous street shopping in Mumbai

1) Linking Road - One can get amazing kinds of stuff in linking roads and at the cheapest price. This place is the heart of Bandra and famous for street shopping for girls. Colorful and cheap shoes, fashion accessories and bags one can find here in linking road.


2) Hill Road - Hill Road is situated in the Bandra. It offers all kinds of men and women apparel like from casual t-shirts from types of denim to jacket to Indian Wear.


3) Colaba causeway - Colaba causeway is like the heart of Mumbai, says Mumbaikar. One can get awesome clothes, accessories, especially earrings. Moreover, one can also get the home decors at great deals. The more you bargain, the more good deals you will get. *Winks*.


4) Fashion Street - Fashion street is famous for the latest and trendiest clothing apparel in Mumbai. It’s the fashion hub of Mumbai. Even designer brands are also available at the cheapest price. Exports quality garments are dumped here at the low cost in various sizes which attracts the tourists.


5) Natraj Market - Natraj market is famous for sarees and cosmetics. One can find varieties there. Like a good collection of traditional salwar kameez, dress materials, kids wear, and artificial jewelry. You can also get cushions, bedsheets and many more things.


6) Kalamboli market - This market is popular for steel and iron products. Other than that, you can also get fashion accessories for men and women, cosmetics.


7) Hindmata Market - It is the best market for sarees and dress material at a very low price.


8) Lokhandwala Market - This market is good for shoes, accessories. If you don’t want to spend more on shoes and accessories. It’s the right place. Here you can find duplicates of the brand at the cheapest price. Some of the food stalls also one can get in this market.


9) Crawford Market - It is famous for gifts, day to day uses and food products like fruits and vegetables.


10) Chor Bazaar - It is one of the largest flea markets in the country. From silver coins to shoes to any antique things, you can get it at the cheapest cost.


11) Urban Haat - All you can get handicrafts, arts, hand-looms, silk material, carpets, home decor at an affordable cost.


12) Lamington Road - This shop is famous for laptops and computer parts. You can get at a very low price.


13) Zaveri Bazaar - It is one of the biggest jewelry shops in Mumbai. You can get every type of jewelry at a low price.