Facebook, a place where you can find a ton of advertisements, recycled memes and videos claiming that you wouldn’t believe what happened next. I remember making myself a facebook account and strategically setting my birth date so that I could be just over 18 when actually I was 10.

Facebook took over the world by storm. Mark Zuckerberg was suddenly the smartest guy on the planet.I remember facebook was actually quite interesting at that time, as one would actually feel a sense of community while scrolling through the feed. It definitely packed a charm back then, but nowadays users seem to be signing out permanently.

Facebook was considered globally a breakthrough communication/networking software app. Even though I think that it is somewhat true, I also believe that facebook is pretty much irrelevant and useless now. It definitely never promised longevity in a world teeming with new communicating or social media applications.

The core idea of facebook pretty much got lost in time which was kind of just to talk to friends or share stuff with them. Many Facebook users are so aware that their status updates, photographs, and other information are somehow being repackaged to corporate entities, that the idea of Facebook as just a socially interactive phonebook/yearbook is long gone. Facebook can even track you outside of facebook.com. If you don’t log out, your user is active and most websites and Apps leave metadata and tracks for Facebook to collect.

But the main reason I stopped using Facebook was because of their algorithms. Facebook fail big time trying to decide for you what you as an individual find interesting. And at the end you are left with newsfeeds from 20 people, mainly people you don’t consider as your closest, Ads and stupid videos. And why is that? Because these people are active all day long and you did a mistake “liking” some of their feeds. If you liked a cat video, well cat video it is.

Also it’s a tremendous time sink! With little positive social value. Facebook is trying to become like a separate, private internet on its own. With endless permissions popping up in every app we install or game request notifications stacked up whenever we log in, all these little nuances are intrusive coming from anapplication which had started off as a platform wherein university students could discuss academic stuff with each other.

Facebook has no developmental aspects, by which I mean it hasn’t done anything of actual help in the world. The fact that more people in India know who Mark Zuckerberg is and not Elon Musk seriously bothers me. I don’t hate Facebook; I just think it is way too overrated for what it actually offers.

On another note, teenagers are rapidly fleeing the site and the reason why Facebook is no longer the hip hangout spot on the Internet for teenagers is that it’s hard to look cool when you’re hanging out with Mom and Dad. So with kids abandoning it rapidly and a lot of elders not being enough captivated by the networking app, Facebook is certainly sinking.

But, Facebook has seen the recession in users and have thus been smart with acquisitions. If the following were standalone companies, they might be bigger than Twitter and Snapchat: Instagram, Messenger, WhatsApp. For Facebook to fail, those 3, plus Facebook itself would have to simultaneously see a drastic reduction in user base and engagement. Additionally, Facebook has been a leader in the next wave of tech with their acquisition of Oculus.

Everything has a saturation point. One day people might even start deserting Instagram or maybe snapchat. Twitter is here to stay, simply because of the fact that it is an undisputed social networking company which actually serves a relevant purpose. Same with WhatsApp because they have managed to stick to what they were originally intended to be made for.

Facebook as a company might still stand but the application is destined to fade away sooner or later.