Marketing Strategies For A Software Company

Mitali Rana
Jul 21, 2020   •  17 views

Marketing Strategy for a Software Company:        -Mitali Rana


With an increase in demand for software development, the competition in this industry is becoming fierce. It is getting tougher and tougher to attract the target audience. Many software developers are spending an immense amount of time on marketing research and strategy implementation.

Few Marketing Strategies are listed below;

1. Getting Personal and Telling a Story

Tech companies and software developers must focus on the technical part of their services. They should emphasize on the opportunities they can offer to other companies. Highlighting the unique features the company provides. One of a few ways to get the company noticed is to get personal. Telling the potential clients the company’s story and help them identify you. Show how special you are as an Organization with history and not an organization with only a dozen of certified experts. Giving personal touch to things always work.

2. Work out a Social Media Strategy

Social media is an integral part of any marketing strategy, regardless of the nature of the business.  While it may be easy to write tech-filled posts on Facebook pages the company needs to go further to master the entire platform. Facebook marketing tools can help the company find potential clients. Taking advantage of what LinkedIn has to offer in terms of company’s target audience.

3. Invest in SEO

Without SEO, company’s marketing strategy is unlikely to achieve significant goals. Today the high visibility on the search engines is the key to success. No matter how new or small the company is, with the right approach to SEO the company can outrun older and more experienced competitors.

4. Go Local

Due to the advancement in technologies such as Cloud, the software developers can work remotely but still majority of people prefer local companies. That’s why it’s important to focus on the local audience while drafting the marketing strategies.

5. Refresh Your Website

Make sure to offer valuable information on the company’s website and keep it updated on a regular basis. If potential clients see a poorly developed website they get a wrong impression about the company’s skills.

6. Do Guest Blogging

The IT industry is growing every second. Numerous people are looking for information online. Search for potentially useful websites and offer guest blogs. Growing company’s own community can get excellent exposure, which is likely to lead to conversions.


7. Track for success

To maintain motivation and enhance productivity, software developers of the company need to apply time tracking tools for meeting project deadlines. It will help not only get accurate data on work hours and get paid hassle free but create the unbroken workflow in terms of accountability.