You can have two types of friends in your life, one who would take you out of the jail and the other would join you and say “damn it was fun!” Life is full people. We can’t decide their arrival or departure. But the most painful departure is of those humans who with whom you have shared your food, clothes, stationary and even lives. They are friends. They are those acquaintances that would help you through a problem even if they aren’t a part of it or are completely stranger to any situation.

Every stress reliving mechanism has its own side effects, and so do you, you generate a hell lot of tension initially, in an attempt to do something good for me, you stretch just a five minute piece of work, into efforts of an hour, you bring chaos in my life of calm, but at the end, you make everything perfect.

Even I do deny access to people around me when I am annoyed, and unfortunately you are not an exception, but the way, you do not consider those barriers (though you never do what I say so it's nothing extraordinary for me), really paves the way for you to be close to my heart. But the weirdest thing is, the methods you apply, to treat my depression, are those, which I feel the most annoying about you, you keep on singing until I smile, threatening to post my weird pictures, if I keep on crying, and snatching mobile from my hand, when I am not talking with you.

There are just a few points of differences between real antidepressants and you. Those drugs end up making one feel addicted, making it impossible to live without consuming them, and, even if I do not consume (your brain) because of our busy schedules, even if we couldn't converse, our friendship is least affected. Days pass when we are not able to talk but when we get back, we are become even more closer with a conversation that important which includes even world's current affairs.

The real ones, have a fixed dosage, a limited quantity per day, falling to obey which, there could be serious issues, and, I can never get enough for you, excess of you may make me fall into situations, even more, critical than drugs, but you set everything right in the end. And the most important one, weight loss is often a side effect of the real antidepressants, But ever came into contact with my human, who not only brings food to convince when you are angry but on almost every other day, because for him, every day is an occasion, forget about losing weight, one would find it difficult to even maintain their current weight, Even I am with you always, against every voice, that dares to speak against you, except your parents, because then I would myself be busy, in agreeing to with them, as if I was not your partner-in-crime in it.

Amidst the causalities of our relation I often fail to express, but thinking my life without you, trust me I felt like empty page which craves for ink. I always get this thought from people around me that don’t trust people even those you call “best friends”. Yes, why should I? But the only fact that stops me is that that day, when you were assuring yourself "there is no one in my life." I understand the fact that there's no replcaemnet of anyone in our life. We surely don't miss on anything in life, we carry on with it even if a person leaves us but the that that person's place wo't ever be filled by anyone. It is painful when it is friend who connects with you like a soulmate. I presume a fact everytime we fight that lonliness would hit me quite hrd if I don't resolve issues with each other. The point here is that we act as each others mirror. We know each others flaws and pros in and out.

In return, I don't have much to give but I assure you, I will help you to achieve your unfathomed dreams, you’re long lost self-esteem and also will never fail to click your weird pictures.



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Leena Kaushik  •  4y  •  Reply
Friends are indeed very important 😄
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Suunil  •  4y  •  Reply
Beautifully written about friendship.
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Mamta Chawla  •  4y  •  Reply
So nicely written...👍
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Shivani Dubey  •  4y  •  Reply
Thank you ❤️😅
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True Friendship lines , great
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Very nice...keep it up
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How do you write so beautifully.??
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Bro.. her guru is guddu:P
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Do you know him?
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Sand Wand  •  4y  •  Reply
Yes buddy.
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Can I meet him?
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