Passive Euthanasia;Right To Die With Dignity.

Deepti Nayak
Jun 26, 2019   •  10 views

It Means that people who have a bad quality of life, for example people with terminal diseases that are in continual pain, do not want to live like that anymore. It costs a lot of money to keep nervous-dead people on life-support machines. People who are brain-dead are not really alive- it is fairer to ease them by removing them from life support machines. People who are paralyzed or incapable of movement often do not want to live in such a helpless state; It should be our decision whether or not we want to die. Death is a private matter, so should not be question by the state. If the person wants to die, they are causing no harm to anyone in any way and should be allowed to die for their own peace. It is possible to regulate euthanasia. It is implied in the Human Rights act that everyone has the right to die.

Euthanasia is much more dignified than dying slowly of a decaying illness

one of the main advantages of euthanasia is the relief it gives on sick people with untreatable and extreme diseases like cancer. There are people who are suffering from inoperable medical conditions who suffer the pain caused by their disease and who would rather die instead of live the rest of their lives in pain and suffering. Euthanasia puts an end to a patient’s miserable suffering.

there are many strong point for granting euthanasia among them one isthat it provides right to a person to die with is the right of the person to live and to die the way he or she wants especially if they don’t find a point or reason to live for. If the patient is aware of the fact that he/she has only few months to live and do not wish to appear sick, weak and lie on bed when the day comes, euthanasia can make this possible without wreaking more pain. In the end, a sick person dies with dignity and still be as beautiful as he or she used to be during his or her days without the affliction.

Advocates refer euthanasia as the the most humane act to end the agony of a human being or animal instead of the use of other means such as using knife, guns. Moreover, the process or method is done in such a way that the person or animal will not sense any pain. Moreover patients opting for euthanasia have complete discretion regarding time and date on which they want to die.