Keep Doing: By P.M Narendra Modi

Deepti Damle
Aug 17, 2019   •  20 views

Simple sayings by great people!

There's a lot need to talk and tell. The main aim of doing anything in your life is purpose,i.e for what purpose, you are doing your things.

There is a particular temperament about things in life.

For example,Our P.M., wanted to serve the country since childhood.The main motive was the social work that he wanted to do would run in his nerves,so you should keep doing.

One can see the path of light if he keeps doing what he wants to.

Another thing P.M says is his love towards nature and what our mother earth and nature gives to us and what er should do to nurture it.It is a dual relationship which will prosper or surroundings.

Flower after blossom,it will be dull and next day it will blossom again and same with life if we keep doing..we will get our aim blossomed ,bloomed.

Other things Modi ji said, mainly to the youth is that hardwork is very important and to be patient towards the work we do. In this era, creativity, hardwork and patience is needed which is all for one and one for all.

"Indeed one must keep doing, keep giving ."
  1. Youth of India can make the nation to greater heights.

  2. Only integration can counter radicalization.

  3. Innovation is a bedrock to lead a better future.

  4. India will rule by the power of youth.

  5. Soft Side and proud about the victory of our nation and applaud about the champions who fight over their struggles .

These above were his some of some saying and about him how he is and wants a Better future related with the country and insight in human beings for their own empowerment.

His work towards country is commandable. The world tour he does by sharing and bringing up the roots of culture and tradition to the different countries of India is just by hia live towards the country and by his amazing dedication he has .

We can take a resolution of Keep doing this with help of dedication and hardwork,with kind and humble behaviour in all, anything can be possible.