2020 is around the corner and the popular culture of making resolutions has come along with it. Apart from partying and holidays, people are generally excited about the resolutions they will assign them on the very first day of the new year.  Many of us note down our resolutions in our diary,  also sometimes we discuss it with our friends and family and if one of our resolutions is new and never heard before then they may support us but if the resolution is the same we are taking from the last two or three years then nobody really cares.  For some people, resolutions are not more than heavy weighted commitments or deadlines and for some, they are the challenges or goals. So before making a resolution ask to yourself what kind of resolution you are going to make.  Resolutions are something we have procrastinated for a long time, waiting for a special occasion to work upon. Well, some resolutions are always in our subconscious mind and bother us like our crush.


So the most important thing is how to work on our resolution in the way that we will happily exclude them from our future resolutions list.

1) SET EASY GOALS- Psychologically,  the new calendar brings new hopes. For a week or a month, we jump into our resolutions like never before. We motivate ourself, we push ourself and if it is consistent it works wonders for us but if we cannot deal with it more then twenty or thirty days then it again goes to the procrastinated section. So it is important to set some easy tasks. You cannot run a marathon by practising for a week, it requires months to run even a mini-marathon. Work daily for it, make it your priority, gradually you will enjoy the process.

2) MAKE YOUR RESOLUTIONS A PRIORITY- Resolutions are just like people in our lives. We do not talk to everyone every day. We listen to the people who are special to us and usually ignore those whom we can’t make a connection with. If a person is overweighted and trying to lose weight but ends up hanging on the same number then it is surely not his priority. He/She thinks about working on it but is not passionate about it. So this year prioritize your resolutions. Give them number one, two and so on.  If it is first on the list, it will be in your head always. You cannot ignore it and you will surely achieve your aim.

3) ENJOY THE PROCESS- Now the trouble is how to be consistent.  It is like having a competition with oneself. Competing with our bad habits, with our routines, and again with our priorities. Take an example of a smoker, most of the smokers are aware of the harmful effects of smoking, they surely think about it but they forget everything when they take out a cigarette and smoke. Students who have the habit of using their phone frequently are on the same track. They want to study but do not want to change their habit. In this case ask yourself why you need to bring a change in your life, how time is running and why you need to rise above. Ask yourself where do you see yourself in future. Imagine yourself in the position you want to be in future, imaginations do not confine you in an imaginary world. Rather they push you towards your goal. We all can achieve our resolutions with the formula of hard work as the key, consistency as the requirement and faith as the stimulus.