Overruling grace

As all the celestial beings gather in the skies to experience

the Lord’s spectacular dance on Kaliya’s hoods, the Naga

Patnis, though in great distress, react with maturity and

seek pardon for Kaliya. Their simple prayer to Krishna reveals

many profound truths, said Sri Sriram in a discourse.

The Lord is the absolute creator of the universe comprising

Prakriti and the gunas. This is the reason for the infinite

variety of peculiarities, powers, strength, class difference,

name and form as well as the law of constant change that

is manifest in this universe. But overruling all is the

tremendous grace of the Supreme Lord whose chastisement

measures are only meant to sanctify and purify.

In the case of Kaliya, he is born of tamasand is wicked.

Revenge and other tendencies are inherent in him

even as is the poison he emits. He is a serpent of

great wrath and all this cannot be wished away easily. It can

happen only when the Lord chooses to rid him of these

evil tendencies. Kaliya understands that it is the Lord

who has confronted him. He repents, and is pardoned

and ordered to go back to hisoriginal dwelling in

Ramanaka Island.

He had been forced to flee this place and migrate to Kalindi

when once he rouses Garuda’s wrath by his insolent behaviour.

Unable to bear the brunt of being smitten by Garuda,

he had then sought refuge in Kalindi, a place where Garuda

cannot harm him. This is because Garuda had been cursed

by Sage Saubhari when he disrupts the peaceful lives of the

fish in the river and forbids him entry into Kalindi. Kaliya is

seen as the most fortunate since he gets the chance to bear

the dust of the Lord’s feet on his head. Even Lakshmi had to

do great penance to serve at His feet. The realised souls

yearn for this blessing alone.