Are Expectations Normal? Can You Live Without It?

Debarati Dey
Jun 28, 2019   •  11 views can you do this to me? I never expected this from you!! You ruined my expectations. Aren't these the words we daily come across to? Whether we say it to someone or being said so by someone, it's always a road ending up to sadness. We expect a lot, dreaming about a perfect life, a perfect ideal Utopia. It begins right from the childhood, expecting the best toys from parents and goes down to the death bed expecting love from the kith and kin.

Can we for a second imagine our lives without expectations? Just take a moment, think, how beautiful it'd be, at any phase, in any relationship, in any situation. When you end your expectations you come to a different realm. You don't just see the other person from your perspective, but that's when you realize their way of looking into life, their opinions, their views. That's when you come into something called giving than getting (through expectations). Howamazing it feels, bringing a smile on someone else's face by accepting them as they are! Not just in front of them but wholly. You feel free, light and peaceful. Giving joy to others more and having solace more to self.

When it comes to meet someone else's expectations, we feel distress. Right from the beginning of the day to sunset, we are only in a trauma. What this particular person thinks about me? Am I looking good enough? Do I talk well? Is this okay to behave in this manner? Do they like me?

Aren't we faking out? How stiff and hard it feels? 7 billion people in this world, which means 7 billion different ways of mindset!! How many of these people's criteria can you fulfill in one single small life. We never know right? So why to act so for acceptance? Why to pretend to be someone so that someone else likes us? We think that if we start behaving the way they expect us to, they will like us. Yes, human is a social animal so it is obvious we want people around us but the truth is we are just reciprocating, subconsciously that's what we want from people, to meet our expectations. And that’s what we are doing so that we feel accepted.

But the truth is we would excel more, we will be loved more, when we simply become us. When we don't pretend to like something which everyone likes. When we don't pretend to do something which everyone likes to do. That's when we realize the self and that's when we really grow.If you peek into any famous personality's life. You'd find one common thing. They did stubbornly what they wanted to do, nevertheless of what someone else thought. They stopped meeting up someone else's expectations and started exploring themselves more. That's why they’re where they are!

There is also the expectations we have for ourselves . It is good as long as it is healthy , don't let your expectations of yourself eating your present moment. Live past again, enjoy make best of your present and also then build the future.

"I have no responsibility to live upto what others expect of me. That's their mistake, not my failing"- RICHARD FEYNMAN

Concluding things, one really needs to stop expecting if they really wish to see the real within happiness. Every new thing, changing inbuilt habits are difficult but not impossible. How easy life becomes when you neither expect from someone to be your way nor you try meeting anyone else's expectations. So, are expectations normal? Your choice! Can you live with it or without it is definitely your choice. As article infers live your life as you that is your living, that is your bliss.