Sonajhuri: The Heart Of Shantiniketan

Isolated Scribbler
Sep 05, 2019   •  11 views

Shantiniketan is known throughout the world because of our beloved poet Rabindranath Tagore. The place is an epitome of peace and culture. Another major area that attracts the busy crowd to this place is Sonajhuri, the heart of Shantiniketan. Sonajhuri enhances the serene beauty of Shantiniketan, it is a treat for the eyes of nature devotees. The best part is it is considered as one of the cleanest forests in West Bengal. If you're a shopaholic then this place is literally heaven for you. The locals here sell handmade beautiful artifacts that represent the culture of this town. Sonajhuri has so much more than just its beauty. This place tells a story. Story of the people who live here their struggles, success, failure and so much more.


Although its a place for shopping addict people, the sellers here faces quite a challenge during the process. The main problem is the weather here. As the sellers don't have proper shops like condition, every time when it's raining it disrupts their selling process. With recent developments here, Sonajhuri somehow lost its charm but that doesn't mean it has lost its importance. This place holds so much much value for the locals and even for the nature lovers. In the fast-moving world where everything can get done in a snap of a finger, people tend to forget to enjoy the serene beauty of this forest. The locals face varied types of problems here, even after that they don't lose hope and continue their work with an unlimited amount of enthusiasm and love. That is what life teaches us. Isn't it? To be strong at our broken places because that's the time when we need our strength the most. Sonajhuri represents that same thing. It is a place that will shield you from the outside world. A place that will help you relishing the joy of nature.