World is nothing but an nature. Nature gives us everything to live in the world. Nature is God. The nature God provides us a lot of essential things to live in the beautiful world. Nature is the beauty of world.

We all admire the beauty of nature . We all love nature. Nature protect its children from many problems. But the children (humans) forget to save the nature. One day nature protect us ,now a days we are protecting the nature.due to the problems that are created around us.


Natural resources are the wealth of world. Wealth are in more sufficient one day. But now it is not enough for us. Due to many population but it is also not our fault.when we started exploitating all these resources there arises the problems.

Insufficient of water, fresh air get reduced, due to our technological innovation we tend to face many environmental issues. There creates a problem to environment like ozone deflection,climate changes and so on.Now the nature needs a break.

When the nature is fluctuated his behavior we tend to realise the problem so it's the correct time to rectify the mistake. Again we need to bring the nature to normal or original kind .

Avoid the modern technology where evere it is possible, trust in human power, avoid wasting the natural resources.

The one way to regain the nature is to save the trees. Trees are the main reason for the nature wealth and beauty. Plant trees and save earth. Be a solution for the problem don't be a pollution for it.

Plant trees and save the world.



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Well said Pooja. Less greediness means less dependence on technology which is less noise, light, thermal and air pollution. Less pollution means long life to earth and happy future