The Pitter-Patter Of Poetry: A Collection Of Rain-Inspired Verse

Gayathri Krithika
Sep 27, 2019   •  109 views


Poetry can be written on any theme or concern. It does not have any specific limitations. Rain, the favorite of all, has inspired many of the poets to write fantastic works of poems.


Rainy Day Source: kentonline

Rain, a climate change or a temper change?

Rain is the clear expression of climate change. Rain is where we can experience the change. Same way are the other climates too. But why rain, specifically? Rain has the temptation to be even more aesthetic and nature loving. Rain drops, even when very small in size holds a lots and lots of emotions in it. It takes a great poet who can exactly reproduce what he is experiencing right on his mind when he's seeing a rain, to make Rain poetry, that much appealing to its audience. Rain gives people some happiness which is so unique, that no other power of nature has it. Rain brings back one's innocence. When it rains every heart would long for some sort of happiness and that'll be from within. A Rain Poet would scrutinize deeply how it feels for him/her when it rains and would beautifully craft it into a best form called "Poetry"

Poetry and Rain

Rain and poetry how the connectivity is made. It's not as simple as one may think. Each and everything in this world would have a connectivity. Same way is the nature and a writer, especially Rain and a Poet. A rain would be the most comfortable zone where the catharsis of life would happen. To an aesthetic person like a poet, Rain would be the most amazing part in the world. As it could squeeze out whatever emotional aspects it could, from the poet. Nature is at the best when it comes to Rain and same way, A poet is at his best when it comes to Rain Poetry.


Rain and nature Source: Luminar

Literary Examples for Rain Poetry

A poetic exemplar like Stevenson would be very precise in describing rain in particular. His very plain title "Rain" Explains us that nothing more is needed to explain the most simplest form of nature, The Rain. Bates' first person narratology poem "Who likes Rain?" Would suggest us that in what all ways these many things can be enjoyed thoroughly. The simplest of Rain Poem "Rain Rain Go Away" Would suggest us that Rain itself is not a thing that has a positive approach.Moore's Rain poetry depicts us how natural the flow of words would be when it comes to handling rain poetry.

Themes Highlighted

Love and Rain

Rain is mostly attributed to the very pure concept of love. Love is basically the nature itself. Ome cannot live without rains in life the same way continued rain will destroy what is life. Love and rain has a formal connectivity based on the caring nature of the nature. In fact it is the love of mother nature which is showered upon us in the form of rain.

When nature and the whole world is connected, how come there will not be a connectivity between rain and Love. When it rains every sensible human would long for the one who's loved and lost. Nature itself finds a way to get mingled with the humans in the form of rain.


Quote on Rain and Love Source: Vagabomb


Connectivity is seen in rain's each drop, as rain touches the ground directly from the clouds above. Here, at this juncture Rain proves to be a connection between the sky and the ground which literally refers to the connectivity aspect of everything that's under the sun. In a much more philosophical note, Connectivity between the rain and the earth would be referred to the connectivity between nature and humans.

Human Nature Vs. Nature

Nature has the power to both create as well as destroy. Rain nowadays come as a weapon from the nature. This proves to be like, nature being defensive for what all damages humans caused it. Rain, when showered in an appropriate amount would be a bliss. The same way when it exceeds its limits it goes the other way round and proves us the nature does not only has a kind nature but also a reflective nature in which whatsoever one sows it shall be reaped.


Rain a bliss or curse? Source: Sundays Off Pools


Every Poet is unique in his style, despite whatever words he uses and whatever style he follows. Describing the rain would be the best thing ever that a poet can do and is doing. Blessed are those who have received sufficient rain and do not suffer water scarcity. Poetry on those days would be merely a description of the beauty of the rain and the special qualities that holds. Nowadays it would be the same but would surely have a note on water conservation too.