Is It Imperative To Have Both Beauty And The Brain??

Garima Sharma
Aug 24, 2019   •  20 views

Beauty is an essence of all natured context of the world . It is inexplicable in both the nature as well as in the human terms. Beauty is the sole proprietorship in their own world and it can't be interchangeable from any other word. Whereas brain is the most crucial part of human life without which nobody can live this life as endurable as they must be.

Beauty and the brain are the two important parameters of human life. Everyone is chasing towards both the things but hardly anyone get connect with this. Are you also one of them who are chasing toward this?? So let me tell you You'r living a deceptive life! Human beauty which matters a lot in this universe. To Have a beauty with the brain is not so easy to be findable in this universe.

If we talk about the beauty in this contemporary world then it is an Imperative part to describe. Everyone wants beauty evenly everyone talks about the beauty. We can see themin the magazines, as well as in the TV channels, they mainly have a focus on the beauty. Beauty is the first preference for our today's youth to enter into the film industry or any other profession which is relatable to the beauty. Beauty is not about having a pretty face. It is about having a preety mind, a preety heart, and most importantly a beautiful soul.

On the other hand the cogent thinking is possible only through the knowledge . We are all racing towards to get the knowledge . Intelligence is the Supreme, it gives people tocontrol over the others. It helps us to succeed in the life empowerment. Beauty fades with time but knowledge never fades.

What's the beauty without the brain? If brain is there then your beauty will chase at you forever.