The Magic Of Poetry Under The Stars: Exploring The Connection Between Poetry And Night

Gayathri Krithika
Oct 21, 2019   •  31 views


Nature's influence on Poetry

Ever heard of metaphysical poetry? Nature and poetry go hand in hand. In fact, nature is the poet's fuel. It urged the poet to write a lot. It influences the aesthetic senses of a poet in a greater way that a poet would definitely be captivated by nature and he would become a slave to mother nature. Poets literally become children in the hands of nature. The nature stays as a strength for a poet and he/she would find I'll ultimate pleasure in writing about nature. The influence that the nature would make to a poet will be immeasurable. Without that much influence it is impossible for a poet to give those many remarkable thoughts to a reader.


Night Source: Tweetspeak Poetry

Nature and poetry- synonymous

Nature and poetry go hand in hand as said earlier. It is not like nature is the sole reason for a poet to be a poet. The inevitable fact is that nature plays an important role in the development of thought process that will yield a fruit, which is nothing but the poetry, the final product of which the whole of the poet's soul were working for. Nature, an important concept that can influence any person would captivize them as well.

Night and poetry synonymous Source: Facebook

A poet is one who beholds beauty in his eyes and look each and everything aesthetically. When it comes to the conceptual theory of the most beautiful term in this earth, it is indeed the earth itself, the poet becomes more active and his participation would be at its peak.

Night Vs The Feel


Does moon give any Feelings? Source: Flickr

Night has its own specialty. A poet can either beautifully describe it or compare it's darkness to something extremely negative and destroy its actual sense. Darkness is considered, perceived and seen negative whereas that too holds a lots and lots of positive aspects. When it comes to the part and time of the earth where everything would be in rest, there would be someone or something being unrest. The beauty about the night lies in its silence and this doesn't convey that a stormy night isn't beautiful and from a poet's view point that too has chances of becoming an epic.

Every night hold several memories, some would have died in the night and some would have been born in the night. Everything happen and the night never change. It has its own strangeness as well as beauty. A poet spends a great time using his mind filter for what to include and what not to. He who has a clear mind will be very logical in segregating the concepts with which a poem can be written. But unfortunately this doesn't apply to all poets. Poets are basically intellectual and logical thinkers and the society and its happenings or even the climate may decide what he should write and that one particular concept sometimes makes his logical thinking go in vain.

Mythologies included in a poem

Anything can be a poem's subject Source: The Guardian

When a poet sit in the night with a pen and a book in his hand to write poetry the reflections that the poet had all throughout the day would be reflected again in his poetry. When he had a great day there would be a great poem and when the poet is depressed or of that sort it weighs definitely reflect in his poems. Mythological creatures that are in relation to night and darkness are often used by the poet, just because it has a strong relation with his usage of words and it has a greater connectivity with the theme of the poem. Night can indicate the cycle of life where it signifies the end of that cycle. Night has a connectivity to that of celestial bodies. Stars themselves are celestial beings whereas it is seen in the night and ultimately night becomes the link with which the celestial seasonings are connected.


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Every day has a new story and the same way, every night has one. Both may or may not be the same but they are significant in their own ways. Nights are special for an aesthetic person and he who utilizes and cherishes it and put it in words becomes a poet and that poet in turn puts his heart and soul to make the aesthetic sense, a part and parcel of our life. With a simple concept of night the poet could bring all those under sun into one single umbrella. The narrator has the best part in accurately conveying what's right and what's not. A simple word "Night" has so many sense, context and meaning. The words sometimes do not match with that of the meaning within. All a poet can do is to exactly convey all his intentions and make clear references and it may or may not be reasonable. But the reference should have an intended meaning and an appropriate narrator is required to deliver the correct message to the readers.