In our life almost every day we somehow face confusion, no matter how small it is. To do or not to do. To be or not to be are the questions that arise in every situation. It can be anything. For example, to buy your favourite book or to buy a new watch. To buy a packet of cigarettes or to save money. To catch a crowded bus so that you can reach your office on time or to wait for a less crowded one so that you can have a comfortable journey. There is always a dilemma.

The Dilemma

Now, while choosing we tend to fall into a dilemma. When you are in one, do what you actually want to do. Even after that, if you are confused about what your heart wants. Then flip a coin and cover it with your hand. Before revealing the coin, think about which result you have hoped for. Tada!! You got your answer. So, when in a dilemma do what you want. What your heart asks you to do. Believe me, every choice of yours makes a difference. No matter how small it is and who knows, it might lead you to the best days of your life.

‘The Road Not Taken’

 Whatever you choose, decides your future. Remember the poem 'The Road Not Taken' by Robert Frost? It is where the poet has chosen a path of his choice and left another for it. The road he left, he could not go back in it. Just like that, we cannot go back to the other option that we have left for another. We don't know, what would have happened if we have chosen a different path. Life is like that only. There is no point of thinking about what would have happened if you took a different way. You have already made a choice and there is no point of dwelling on that matter. You have to choose, always. Your choice decides who you are. Even if you chose a wrong path, it teaches you a lesson. Maybe a lesson you dislike the most but hey! It's still a lesson. No matter how much crappy the lesson is, remember, it is an experience to learn from. An adventurous one at that.