Ldf Strategies In Kerala For 2019 Polls

Mar 11, 2019   •  3 views

Yet another election is around the corner and all major and minor political parties have already started polishing their weapons and sharpened their brains to decimate their opponents and gain the reigns to rule the nation. The elections that will happen in April is kind of like a do or die situation for the BJP led NDA. And the time is ripe for the Congress for a rebirth. Whatever the result will be, the 2019 polls would be everything like a super political thriller. Kerala, who has always shown acute political awareness and shrewd thinking (sometimes) to choose their future in terms of the leaders leading them, will be on the hot seat this time around. The RSS controlled BJP have tried to vie their opponents using the charm of religion and the ruling LDF has tried to veer off and stay safe. The land is fertile for BJP in Kerala, much like they did nationwide.

The competition in Kerala, as always, is going to be against two strong teams. The difference is that the opposition for the LDF is not Congress but BJP. The Sabarimala issue is like the sword of Damocles for the LDF. The topic of faith and religion was the hot stuff since September 2018. The topic will be crucial in the coming elections and LDF are aware of the threat that the BJP might pose. Kerala has always been tolerable to the culture and traditions whatever they were. Everybody had a space.

Sensing the changing dynamics of the voters, LDF is trying every trick up their sleeve to make sure the general public apart from the staunch left supporters vote for them. The first step was to welcome the minor parties. LDF decided to take in four new parties under their wings. The ruling party doesn’t want any of their possible votes to wither away in this tense political scenario. Balakrishna Pillai lead Kerala Congress (B) is the major among the four. Pillai was a political foe of CPI (M) giant V S Achuthanandan and the latter has always been vocal about his displeasure on Pillai. The idea behind the inclusion might be save certain Nair votes that might cumulate with the BJP account in the wake of the Sabarimala dilemma. BJP had already joined hands with most of the forward castes to secure the votes in the guise of gaining support for their Sabarimala action plan.NSS was a solid presence in their actions. LDF might be hoping that with appeasing Balakrishna Pillai and his single man prominent politics, the Nair section might be soft towards them in the elections. The Indian National League (INL), Democratic Kerala Congress and Lok Tantrik Janata Dal are the other parties who got the nod from LDF.

The party also joined hands with a large number of small parties that cater to the minority castes like the SNDP and the Kerala Pulayar Mahasabha among the few. The concept behind the women’s wall was to announce their solidarity as well as seeking their votes in the elections. The wall will be crucial as the participation was huge and might even convert into votes if played right.

LDF will be quick to point out the jarring double standards that the UDF or rather Congress displays. The state factor of the Congress has been vociferous about LDF’s way of cheating of the devotees. However, at the national level Congress stood by the view that the apex court’s orders have to be followed and that they give importance to the fundamental rights of the citizens. This two way direction might be awkward when the election comes in, but for the LDF, the situation is prime enough to blame the UDF for strictly following politics instead of standing with the devotees. Also, UDF has been left behind in their protests and demonstrations with the BJP high jacking the chances that they could take. BJP is the close competitor for LDF and UDF has taken the third spot rather easily. This political suicide that the UDF has been following will certainly raise the platform for the LDF when they face the challenges thrown by the BJP who is in the race solely gripping the faith aspect.