Kerala: The Gateway To Paradise

Shaunak Dam
Jul 19, 2019   •  10 views

Kerala is known as the gateway to paradise. The land offers a beautiful and enchanting experience with mind drifting waterfalls, attractive landscapes, beautiful mountains, sanctuaries, wildlife parks, tea orchards and lovely sun –kissed beaches. Kerala tourism is also redefined as Kerala Health Tourism, Kerala Civilization, Tourism, Kerala Blackwater Tourism, and Kerala Beach Tourism.

Culture and Playing Art

The historians have said that Kerala civilization is a mixture of varieties of the civilization, wide varieties of customs, impressions and practices as a result of interaction of Indians with the people of other civilizations. Different playing arts are a part of Kerala tourism which attracts the tourists from all over the world. The playing arts include Koodiyattom, a kind of dramatic event, Kathakali, a dance dramatic play which describes ancient epics, Kerala Natanam, a popular offset of Kathakali, Koothu, which is a comedy performance done like modern day standup comedy. Mohiniyattam is a choreographed performance done by a woman accompanied with vocals and music.


Kerala food is very unique; it offers some of the deluxe and savors on land.The food is flavored, scented, and very delicious and there are wide varieties of food available. Coconut is one of the most important ingredients that are used in the food.It is utilized either fretted or chopped to dress the dishes, coconut paste or milk is used to prepare the gravies of the food and coconut oil is used to make those foods. A regular dinner or lunch contains rice, seasonal vegetables roasted in roasted in the special coconut oil with different spices, Seafood curry, dal and an exquisite dessert. Seafood is a part of almost all the dishes; fishes like sardines, tuna, crabs, rays, oysters and mussels are used to make different types of seafood curry. Other than meals there many unique snacks available in Kerala. The snacks include muruku, banana chips, shakaruperi, and many types of halwas.


The Kerala culture is excogitated in its fetes, pilgrim's journeys, literature, euphony, conventional performances, customs, patterns and culinary art. Assortment and singularity of Kerala's civilisation still exists which is represented by a piece of its annual ten-day festival famed as Onam. During Onam, a legion of colorful plays, cultural programs and rituals are orchestrated. Identified at the ending of August or beginning of September, the festival is a complete reflexion of the colorful culture that Kerala features. Kerala is one of the most beautiful places to visit and it recommended to the tourist to visit Kerala for a wonderful vacation.