The End Of Coaching Classes Is Near

Bhavya Gupta
Jul 21, 2019   •  14 views

Amazon has entered the Indian education industry. It has launched a JEE preparation app called JEE Ready. There has been a recent surge in the number of educational apps. BYJU's, Meritnation are other examples. Competitive exam preparation is one of the largest business in India. Till now it has been dominated by the conventional coaching centres. With the advent of these apps, there are options available to the students. Each year lakhs of students prepare for JEE, NEET, etc. There are several coaching centres around the country which help the students. However, there are many disadvantages which can be overcome by education apps.

Firstly, coaching centres sole aim is profit. They identify the toppers, and they are taught in different batches. These students, irrespective of which coaching they go to, will end up securing high ranks. Their ranks attract students to their coaching centres, which means more profit to coaching centres. The fees they charge are easily more than one lakh for each year. Educational apps generally charge less than half of this.

In coaching centres, there is less focus on average students. There is very less time available for clearing doubts. This is not the case with online learning. They can post their doubts anytime. Also, since the doubts are on a global platform, the students don't have to rely just on the teachers. Fellow students and subject experts can give answers to problems. Also, since the classes are available every time, the students can watch those anytime. Coaching classes follow a strict routine with no flexibility available. Students can't study with the pace they prefer. They are always in a hurry. Apps have a huge advantage here. One can study when he is fresh and can take a break if he is tired.

The things which sometimes goes unnoticed is the hardships one goes apart from studying for exam preparations. If the centre is far from home, it takes around 45 mins to go there. About 90 minutes are wasted, and the student is exhausted. If they are from small villages or cities, then they have to leave their home for their dreams. So they don't have any emotional support. These apps save precious time of students. Also, they provide a luxury of studying at home, the place where everyone is most comfortable.

The only issue with Edtech is the lack of competition. Mock exams allow the student to know where he stands among his peers. Since not many people are currently using these apps, the competition present there is pretty less. So one never knows the reality. With time, this issue will be overcome and then there will be no reason for them not to succeed.