Facebook, Twitter, Instagram are the Big 3 of social media apps. The chances are that you are a regular user of two of the three apps. Life without these is difficult to imagine. Every day we check on these apps to see what's happening around the world. Everyone loves to watch cat videos, JCB memes, etc. But clearly, not all is well.

Firstly, the toxicity present on these mediums is insane. Understandably, everyone has different views. But, rather than agreeing to disagree, people get into arguments and lose all sense of language. Celebrities face the brunt of it. We only need to look at the replies to their posts. It's filled with criticism and not in a civil manner Megan Fox, who acted in movies like Transformers and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, left twitter just five days after joining it. She said in a tweet that she couldn't understand the point of it. Many influential people are asked with a question of how do they deal with the negativity present on social media. It's a significant issue and can leave mental scars for life.

Spreading of fake news is another issue. The term fake news had been popular recently. In recently concluded elections, fake news was an important issue. Almost all the political parties alleged the other parties of spreading them. Whatsapp is also included in this. It's so easy as there is no one to check. A few likes, comments or retweets and the post is viral. It spreads like wildfire. Police authorities had to close down the internet services in some areas to restrict it. The mediums are trying to solve this issue. Whatsapp started an ad campaign on newspaper, radio and television. They also reduced the number of forwards to five. Similarly, Facebook and Twitter deleted various posts. More steps are needed to be taken in this direction.

Last but not least is data privacy. Facebook has found itself in rough waters for this. There were various cases of users private data being hacked. However, this was not the worst. There are allegations made on Facebook, which says that they sold the users data to their advertisers. We need to remember that no services are free. If it is not money, then we should be worried.

Social Media has deeply infiltrated our lives. It has benefits also. It has given a platform to people to raise their voices. Issues that were earlier going unnoticed now come into the limelight. It is a necessary evil. It has made the world smaller but more complicated.