• Humbleness or humility is perhaps an underrated virtue.Many of the religious scholars are celebrated as humble buyt in today's life it's perhaps ignored and ill valued. Just because humility is old fashioned doesn't mean it is less important.

  • Humility is the orphaned virtue of our age. Charles Dickens dealt it a mortal blow in his portrayal of the Heep,the man who kept saying,”I am umblest person going”.it's demise though,came a century later with a threatening anonymity of mass culture alongside the loss of neighborhoods..

  • A community is a place of friends . Yet urban society is a landscape of strangers . Beliefs ceased to be things confessed in prayers and became slogans emblazoned on T-SHIRTs.

  • Humility is assertiveness without aggression while many term arrogance as confidence. I think humility is about self worth.

  • In this, “ dog eat dog world.” We need humility as the strongest virtue. Understanding the value of others is very important. Humility is termed as modesty whereas apparently it's about knowing your self worth hard

  • It's hardest trait to develop because it's start with a recognition that you are NOT always right,and that YOU DON'T Have all the answers. Humility is valuing other’s sentiments .it signals certain opened to life graduer and willingness to be uplifted by the goodness one finds it.

  • In order to cultivate humility,you may want to listen to others and give quality opinion to others enabling others to express their views and subject one to understand the importance of understanding.

  • It's important to practice mindfulness and focus on the he present.its important to accept one without judging and commenting.accept ones faults and ignore the shortcomings. That doesn't mean you shouldn't strive to progress but with positive attitude.