In Times of India, daily times it has been reported that India generates 25,946 tonnes of Plastic daily but 40% of it remains uncollected, which causes choking of drainage and river systems damaging Marine ecosystem, soil and water. Sometimes these plastics get ingested by stray animals like cows, dogs buffaloes etc. When burnt down in open air it affects adversely on humans and on this environment.

Everyone must be knowing plastics are non biodegradable that means they can't be degraded by microorganisms and under the soil.

The major cities producing plastic waste in India are Delhi at the first position then comes chennai followed by Kolkata, Mumbai and Bengaluru.

Central pollution control board surveyed that these cities generate in total of 4,059 tonnes of plastic bags.

Single use plastic has been committed to eliminate plastic completely in 2022 but more take steps need to be taken for meeting this goal in 2022. First major step was taken by China and Malaysia, the banning of import of plastic. India should do the same. PET bottles where banned in 2015, but still there is allowance of import in certain special economic zones (sfzs) since 2016.

And the plastic waste is sent to landfill sites which pollutes groundwater, air and the land which directly affects human health.

6.3 billion tonnes are discarded directly into the oceans every year.

It has been noticed that Ocean, Seas and beaches are mostly seen dirty and full of wastes which tourists mark up and give reviews and comments to india.

A group called TAP (Together Against Plastic) , Bhubaneswar, created by some youngsters studying in colleges, is trying to create awareness among people and arranging events to clean the city at certain places within and also outskirts of the city.

This is very sadistic to hear about your own Nation. The huge production of plastic waste was because of these reasons.

(1) the vast network of unlicensed low grade manufacturing plastic.

(2) in capable or insufficient Municipal authorities in waste management.

Recovering and taking action against these reasons we can create a very clean and safe place where no one will get afraid of bad environment or diseases causing due to plastic pollution.

It needs a lot of attention now, our respect is in our hand. We need to be aware of our capabilities and responsibility towards our country.


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Yeah... Correct
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Awsm article once again. As said our own nation produces a lot of plastics ,and the best part of youngsters taking part and trying to create awareness