Latest Issue Of Environmental Sciences

Mar 23, 2020   •  24 views

Our environment is the thing which is constantly changing. We cannot deny the fact that due to the continuous irregular change in environment leads to increase in problems in surrounding. For which we have to be more aware of it. It is necessary that people are aware of what kind of environmental problems our planet is facing. We are in a state of planetary emergency. Nowadays the major issue is pollution, global warming, overpopulation, waste disposal, climate change, loss of biodiversity, deforestation, ocean acidification, ozone layer depletion, acid rain, etc.

We as a part of the planet, its our responsibility to be aware of our surrounding and make people aware of it too. Pollution of air , water and soil takes long time to recoup. The modern industries and vehicles are the one who are responsible for the pollution all over the planet. Due to the regular 24/7 use of vehicles caused road pollution and the industries pollutants caused air pollution. We have to limit the use of these as these also effect your mental health and create different diseases in our body. Water pollution and soil pollution are majorly caused by industrial waste which deprives the soil from the essential nutrients.

The overpopulation is leading and catching all its Attention. This is the global issue that every country is facing nowadays. As the population increases the resources are less due to which shortage of resources like water, fuel and food creates the problem in the survival. And in need of excessive food and supplies and to increase production faster we use chemical fertilizers which causes food damage and results in bad health. Over population is one of the crucial current environmental problem the planet is facing.

Climate change is yet another environmental problem that deepens its root many decades before. The excessive use of natural resources and using artificial resources as a alternative this both the things simultaneously causes a lot of trouble to the earth and harm the environment in the greater context. Climate change has various harmful effect as the polar ice starts melting rapidly, change in season without any reason, occurrence of NEW diseases effect livelihood, unwanted and frequent occurrence of floods and the change in overall weather scenario. This effect the mental as well as physical health of the surrounding and can cause the trouble in the smooth functioning of the environment.

Human activity and their desire of getting more without doing anything is leading to the loss of extinction of species and habitats. This kind of uncertainty satisfied behaviour leads to loss in biodiversity. Marine life get effected, photosynthesis and pollination process also getting effected due to climate change and harsh weather conditions. Deforestation results in loss of forests and natural beauty. Not only this, all this will lead to the extinction of various wildlife and many more destruction occurs.

There is a need to make required few changes in our lifestyle. And to make people aware of these environmental issues government is growing and launching various awareness programmes and campaigns. You can also be a part of this by generally raising the awareness in your locality and family about these issues, and can contribute for the better and sustainable livelihood.