Traveling isn't just for fun and pictures. But a learning experience. It is a way to appreciate the beautiful creation that we are blessed to be a part of.

But with the advent of Instagram, Facebook, and other forms of social media. People are just forgetting the sole essence of feel and experience life. 

The tourism and hospitality industry is a fast-growing business nowadays that is worth millions. All you need to do is make a call, pay up and your services are available at your convenience. Transport, accommodation, food, touring everything ready and waiting for you...but is it really travel?…. unless you have had the enjoyment of planning months ago, the nervousness of facing the unknown, figuring out where to stay, what to do, researching good places to visit, what to eat.

What's the fun of travel if you didn't have the whole experience of it?

In addition to that, there are some practical problems with the modern tourism business.

An outcome of the commercialized tourism industry is eroding the organic charm of a tourist spot. Take for example a hill station in the state of Tamil Nadu, Ooty. How it would have been a few decades ago and how it is now is incomparable. A natural habitat that was well renowned for its beautiful weather and vegetation. It used to be a popular escape a few decades ago but has now turned into a town full of resorts, hotels, and garbage produced by tourists. It is set to lose its charisma. 

Another reason is how luxury travel and package touring affect the environment is by generating higher waste. On average a luxury tourist might produce about 2kg of waste per night, way more compared to a backpacker. Imagining millions of travelers generating that amount of waste can be really disturbing to the environment, isn't it?

So here are some reasons why you should give up package bookings and go backpacking.

It gives you the option to choose what you want to see, rather than what the travel agency wants you to see.

  1. It allows you to be responsible for yourself.

  2. It strengthens your planning ability.

  3. You might just end up in an unplanned adventure!

  4. You get to know more people -You get to listen to their stories or you might just find a new pal.

  5. Builds up your self-confidence.

  6. Expands your horizons in a better way - makes your mind open up to many different things and ideas.

  7. Improves your problem-solving skills - it teaches you how to handle circumstances. You never know when you might just need it!

  8. It makes you utilize resources more judiciously and prevail in harmony.

Now, since you have all the reasons for backpacking here are a few pro tips to ace your backpacking experience.

  1. Most importantly, choose the right backpack. With more pockets and to fit your stuff without giving too much discomfort.

  2. Travel light. Don't carry too many extras because they will add up to the burden.

  3. Ditch heavyweight gear.

  4. Use comfortable footwear. Ideal footwear is both comfortable and light. It helps you save up some energy.

  5. Stick to synthetic apparel. Since they are both lighter and require less maintenance compared to natural fibers like cotton.

  6. Carry inflatable pillows.

  7. Carry normal plastic water bottles or metal bottles to reduce plastic usage.

  8. Opt for a hostel or a decent room instead of a luxury space.

  9. Keep absolute essentials like local currency, a map, your passport as safe as possible.

So what are you waiting for? Pack your bags and set out on a journey of a lifetime! And then do it again. You never know what a nerve chilling experience might be waiting for you.