Nature is a part of the world and is the most beautiful and attractive surrounding around us.


Our God has created a beautiful nature for us like the healthy living of attractive birds, animals,plants, running rivers, air, mountains, and many more things.

We should not destroy the originality of the character and will not imbalance the ecosystem cycle. 

Our nature provides us beautiful environment to measure and luxuriate in so it's our responsibility to stay it clean and faraway from all the damages.

Follow the three "R's" to guard our natural resources and landfill space

1) Reduce the amount of water and stop using the plastic bags and reduce the things you can.
2) Reuse the things you can to use again such as clothes,
vessels, cloth bags etc,.
3) Recycle the things that can be recycle again you can recycle newspapers, water bottles etc.


We all must take an oath together to guard our natural environment to stay it safe forever.



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