A person has to be enough brave, courageous and patriotic to become an army officer.A profession of army doesn't give a peace life. It always has a risk of death at almost every second of life.

Every army heart is always ready to sacrifice his life just to protect us. They are 24/7 prepared for our Nation and its people.

These soldiers not only have concentration on killing enemies while on an operation but also focus on saving their fellow soldiers.

These faujis are forged to protect our Nation and save lives. The feeling of love for nation makes them different from every other situation of country.They become soldiers of the nation. When they die they become *"Shahid"*. The whole Nation prays for them.

They have a lot of strength and love which makes them sacrifice their lives if needed.

The thought goes like,

*" Desh Ke Liye border par marne se bada nasha aur kuch nahin"*.

The family members always longing to meet him, just praying everyday for his protection. They just wish for seeing him once again. They don't get holidays like an ordinary person. They even sometimes don't get allowed of using phone Nd in during operations. They stay without food and water for many days.

Our soldiers spend months, years separated from their families. When they are deployed internationally if they get saved,they are appointed to another operation. Some become partially deaf in one year or an occupational health hazard that goes with prolonged automatic weapon usage.

Someone trying to kill them with an assortness is very common.

This is not a work of a faint heart, they sacrifice their lives so that we can stay safe and live peacefully.

A huge respect to these FAUJIS !!